LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 30 January 2019

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Los Angeles Times 30 January 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 30 January 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Arrangement holder: VASE

5 Pursues with bloodhounds: TRACKS

11 Pampering, briefly: TLC

14 Mideast airline: ELAL

15 Ace, in poker: BULLET

16 That lady: HER

17 Blink of an eye: SPLITSECOND

19 Poison __: villain in Batman comics: IVY

20 Tip of a wingtip: TOECAP

21 Oprah's channel: OWN

22 Quick cut: SNIP

23 Former Soviet orbiter: MIR

24 "The Life of Pablo" hip-hop artist: KANYEWEST

26 Half-brush partner: DUSTPAN

29 Old AT&T rival: GTE

30 '60s pigskin org.: AFL

31 Grows faint: DIMS

34 Hank with 755 homers: AARON

38 Comb and scissors, to a stylist: TOOLSOFTHETRADE

42 Sean of "Stranger Things": ASTIN

43 In any way: EVER

44 Bakery order: PIE

45 Aunt, in Andalusia: TIA

47 Flat-lying volcanic flow: LAVABED

50 Tucked-in clothing part: SHIRTTAIL

55 __ heartbeat: INA

56 Formally surrender: CEDE

57 Did some laps: RAN

58 Put into gear? CLOTHE

61 Liquid in a drum: OIL

62 Musical ensemble ... or what the ends of 17-, 24-, 38- and 50-Across comprise: WINDQUARTET

64 Lyrical tribute: ODE

65 Periodic reviews: AUDITS

66 "M*A*S*H" star: ALDA

67 "Deck the Halls" contraction: TIS

68 Inky goofs: SMEARS

69 Set in a purse: KEYS


1 Suit piece: VEST

2 Gravy Cravers pet food brand: ALPO

3 Stephen King novel featuring vampires: SALEMSLOT

4 Draw forth: ELICIT

5 Butter amt.: TBSP

6 Kick oneself for: RUE

7 Major maker of can material: ALCOA

8 Rodeo __: CLOWN

9 Saxophonist with 17 Grammy nominations: KENNYG

10 Normal: Abbr.: STD

11 Your, old-style: THINE

12 Wranglers competitor: LEVIS

13 Chamber in a vampire movie: CRYPT

18 Pool protector: TARP

22 Get bleeped, maybe: SWEAR

24 Item in a kitchen block: KNIFE

25 Coup d'__: ETAT

26 Pollster's collection: DATA

27 Aerial enigmas: UFOS

28 Hurly-burly: ADO

32 "Total Request Live" network: MTV

33 Seaside souvenir: SHELL

35 Competition where rhymes are exchanged: RAPBATTLE

36 Garfield housemate: ODIE

37 Have to have: NEED

39 Petrol purchase: LITRE

40 Tizzy: SNIT

41 Cy Young Award winner's stat: ERA

46 Naturally lit courtyard: ATRIUM

48 Home improvement guru Bob: VILA

49 Fur-lined jacket: ANORAK

50 Hurry along: SCOOT

51 "America's Got Talent" judge Klum: HEIDI

52 Lazes around: IDLES

53 "Storage Wars" network: AANDE

54 "The Jungle Book" setting: INDIA

58 Get bleeped, maybe: CUSS

59 Actress Lamarr: HEDY

60 Flight sked info: ETAS

62 "That __ close!": WAS

63 NFL period: QTR

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