LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 30 January 2020

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Los Angeles Times 30 January 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 30 January 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Healthful berry: ACAI

5 Sommelier's concern: NOSE

9 San Antonio cagers: SPURS

14 Bananas: LOCO

15 "... the __ blackness of the floors": Poe: EBON

16 "The Fox and the Grapes" storyteller: AESOP

17 Dutch cheese: EDAM

18 Way to go: ROAD

19 Queen's milieu: DRAMA

20 "That's fine": POWDEREDSUGAR

23 Get going: HOPTO

25 "Knives Out" Golden Globe nominee de Armas: ANA

26 Lansing-to-Flint dir.: ENE

27 "That's all folks": THEHUMANRACE

32 1960s chess champ Mikhail: TAL

33 Mustard family member: KALE

34 They're tapped: KEGS

37 Bundle: PILE

39 On the money: RIGHT

42 Kentucky coach with 876 victories: RUPP

44 Foolhardy: RASH

46 __ avis: RARA

48 Mex. title: SRA

49 "That's not the point": PENCILERASER

53 Withdrawal site: ATM

56 Carnival city: RIO

57 Words before "so sue me": ILIED

58 "That's rich": CHOCOLATECAKE

63 Polynesian language: MAORI

64 Sitar music: RAGA

65 Yemen's Gulf of __: ADEN

68 Conclude with: ENDON

69 Indicator: SIGN

70 Feet-first race: LUGE

71 Video chat choice: SKYPE

72 "What __ is new?": ELSE

73 MP3 player: IPOD


1 Cream __: ALE

2 Fish that's salted and dried to make bacalao: COD

3 Like Pentatonix numbers: ACAPPELLA

4 Flying insect with prominent eyespots: IOMOTH

5 Bookish type: NERD

6 Wind up on stage? OBOE

7 Fly like an eagle: SOAR

8 Win over: ENDEAR

9 Hapless sort: SADSACK

10 Ucayali River country: PERU

11 Grammarian's concern: USAGE

12 Type type: ROMAN

13 Just-in-case item: SPARE

21 "The Caine Mutiny" novelist: WOUK

22 Paternity identifier: DNA

23 Web address letters: HTTP

24 Atheist activist Madalyn: OHAIR

28 Deface: MAR

29 "When We Were Kings" boxer: ALI

30 Pola of the silents: NEGRI

31 Poetic contraction: EER

35 Dressed to the nines: GUSSIEDUP

36 Wild period: SPREE

38 Uncommon sense: ESP

40 Actor Holbrook: HAL

41 Amount past due? TRE

43 Ranch bud: PARD

45 Wonder Woman, for one: HEROINE

47 Plot-driving song, perhaps: ARIA

50 Zilch: NIL

51 Rough around the edges: COARSE

52 High-pH compound: ALKALI

53 Summits: ACMES

54 "__ goodness": THANK

55 Temperamental: MOODY

59 Edit for size, as a photo: CROP

60 Follow: TAIL

61 Confident juggler's props: EGGS

62 Candy __: CANE

66 It may need a boost: EGO

67 Flanders who inspired the band Okilly Dokilly: NED

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