LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 30 January 2021

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Los Angeles Times 30 January 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 30 January 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Ones who usually know what to do with their hands: CARDSHARPS

11 She taught Butch and Sundance Spanish for their Bolivian robberies: ETTA

15 Turn yellow: CHICKENOUT

16 Level: SHIM

17 Italian menu word meaning "hunter": CACCIATORE

18 Rig: SEMI

19 Spot about being green, for short: PSA

20 Earthquakes or Fire, briefly: MLSTEAM

22 Kind of engine: JET

23 Lhasa __: APSO

24 Snack chip: DORITO

26 Row houses? FRATS

29 Agamemnon pair: NUS

32 In again: RETRO

33 Only: LONE

34 Social science classic: DASKAPITAL

36 DEA employee: AGT

37 Research Triangle city: RALEIGH

38 Green of "Casino Royale": EVA

39 French archipelago: GUADELOUPE

41 Cello's lack: FRET

42 City with a Cleveland Browns training facility: BEREA

43 Network operated by the U.S. Space Force: GPS

44 Hosiery thread: LISLE

45 Theater company? ESCORT

47 Vet school subj.: ANAT

49 DIRECTV parent: ATT

50 Hotel convenience: MINIBAR

53 Get rid of: AXE

56 "Kills bugs dead" brand: RAID

58 It doesn't affect a starting pitcher's win-loss record: NODECISION

60 Permanently mark: ETCH

61 Hard to follow, facetiously: CLEARASMUD

62 True: REAL

63 Trials with blindfolds, perhaps: TASTETESTS


1 Soyuz initials: CCCP

2 Revelations: AHAS

3 Like una heredera: RICA


5 Cuts corners: SKIMPS

6 Recovers: HEALS

7 Snack with an unappetizing name: ANTSONALOG

8 Square __: ROOT

9 Unmitigated: PURE

10 Place: STEAD

11 Start at the beginning? ESS


13 Cause of many fictional paradoxes: TIMETRAVEL

14 "Did it start already?": AMITOOLATE

21 Transmute: MORPH

23 Put away the dishes? ATE

25 Portuguese royal: REI

26 Olympics opening ceremony VIP: FLAGBEARER

27 Threat to world peace: ROGUESTATE

28 Ross Sea locale: ANTARCTICA

30 Exhaust: USEUP

31 Flutters with excitement: SKIPSABEAT

34 Indian lentil stew: DAL

35 Spend time in a cellar, perhaps: AGE

37 Provide new pieces for? REARM

40 __ juvante: with God's help: DEO

41 Honda subcompact: FIT

44 Roundup tool: LARIAT

46 Bit of color: TINCT

48 Mother-of-pearl: NACRE

51 Pelican St. city: NOLA

52 Shakespearean warning word: IDES

53 Designs: AIMS

54 Cancel: XOUT

55 The odds are with them: ENDS

57 UPS alternative: DHL

59 Seattle-to-Reno dir.: SSE

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