LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 30 January 2022

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Los Angeles Times 30 January 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 30 January 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Hankered (for): ITCHED

7 Honi's comics dad: HAGAR

12 Jungian concerns: PSYCHES

19 Ricky Martin's surname, by birth: MORALES

21 Mindless: INANE

22 Stuffed meat dish: ROULADE

23 Fraudulent budget increase for cleaning supplies? BRILLOPADDING

25 Together: ENMASSE

26 Walk in the park, say: AMBLE

27 Ending with neur-: OSES

28 Role for Ingrid: ILSA

30 False __: STEP

31 Lucie's dad: DESI

32 Start of a classic dramatic question: ETTU

33 Those waiting for Facebook friend acceptance? PENDINGPALS

36 Iain's negative: NAE

38 Concerning: INREGARDTO

40 Pre-flight pandemonium? WILDBOARDING

44 Big spreads: ESTATES

49 Challenge, as testimony: IMPEACH

50 Air issues org.: EPA

51 "I knew it __ you": WAS

53 "Oy vey!": AHME

54 Seal the deal: SIGN

55 Hungry request: MORE

57 Fire: CAN

58 Folding ladder feature: AFRAME

60 H, to Kronos: ETA

61 Word of accusation: LIAR

63 Mil. rhyme for "Yahtzee": ROTC

64 Lost steam: SLOWED

65 Banking at a beach ATM? FUNDINGINTHESUN

69 Shape-fitting game: TETRIS

72 "The __ Show": GONG

73 Feed bag bits: OATS

74 Deg. of distinction: PHD

77 Just about: ALMOST

78 Letters to a lender: IOU

79 Part of CPA: Abbr.: CERT

81 Modeling supply: GLUE

82 Stray: ROAM

83 Atl.-based network: CNN

84 Shut out: BAN

85 Embrace, as a custom: ESPOUSE

88 Ancient Assyrian capital: NINEVEH

91 Growing bulb? BUDDINGLIGHT

93 First Black person to host a successful TV variety show: FLIPWILSON

96 Whole lot: TON

97 Major curves on a mountain road? EPICWINDING

101 Record speeds, for short: RPMS

103 "__ Smile": Hall & Oates hit: SARA

107 Park way: PATH

108 Scott of "Hawaii Five-0": CAAN

109 "Oh": ISEE

110 Statehouse official: Abbr.: LTGOV

111 At Notre Dame, say: INPARIS

113 Ocean trip for relationship strengthening? BONDINGVOYAGE

117 Saw-toothed: SERRATE

118 Strand at a chalet, say: ICEIN

119 More frivolous: SILLIER

120 Like a best friend: CLOSEST

121 One of the Allman Brothers: GREGG

122 Lots: PLENTY


1 Boast in a 1987 Michael Jackson hit: IMBAD

2 "Chestnuts roasting ..." co-writer: TORME

3 Exam no-nos: CRIBS

4 Tony winner who portrayed TV's Barney Miller: HALLINDEN

5 Vogue alternative: ELLE

6 __ gratias: DEO

7 Use to conceal, as a bed: HIDEUNDER

8 Added conditions: ANDS

9 Chicken, in a Cantonese dish: GAI

10 Wilson of Heart: ANN

11 Saskatchewan capital: REGINA

12 What a chair does: PRESIDES

13 Spoken sounds: SONANTS

14 "Delish!": YUM

15 Simple fastener: CLASP

16 "__ maƱana": HASTA

17 Car that didn't go far: EDSEL

18 Percolates: SEEPS

20 Precise location: SPOT

24 Moving: ASTIR

29 Pres. or CEO: LDR

32 Fed. anti-discrimination org.: EEOC

33 __ Palace: castle on the Portuguese Riviera: PENA

34 Word with white or cream: EGG

35 "America's __ Talent": GOT

37 Legal gp.: ABA

39 Ready: RIPE

40 One way to crack: WISE

41 "You found the right person": IMIT

42 Patti Tavatanakit was its Rookie of the Year for 2021: Abbr.: LPGA

43 Jazz pianist __ Jamal: AHMAD

45 Quarterback Rodgers: AARON

46 Soften: THAW

47 One-named body-image advocate: EMME

48 Sesame __: SEED

51 Bulb measure: WATT

52 Nightly news figure: ANCHOR

56 Where it all started: ORIGIN

57 One side of an issue: CON

58 Mgr.'s second-in-command: ASST

59 Wintry strains: FLUS

61 California's San __ Obispo: LUIS

62 Part of MIT: Abbr.: INST

63 Fix: RIG

65 "The most striking figure in Starkfield," in a Wharton classic: FROME

66 Twelve, half the time: NOON

67 African antelope: GNU

68 Polished off: EATEN

69 Alpine lake: TARN

70 Weena's race, in a Wells classic: ELOI

71 IRS agent: TMAN

74 Bit of talk show self-promotion: PLUG

75 One may fall over a crowd: HUSH

76 Something specific, informally: DEET

79 Heels: CADS

80 Showing support for: ENDORSING

81 Take a limo, say: GOINSTYLE

83 Special occasion service: CHINASET

84 Sofia's home: Abbr.: BULG

86 Some NCOs: SGTS

87 Arafat's gp., once: PLO

89 Group for ex-GIs: VFW

90 Brings forth: ELICITS

91 Recycling receptacle: BIN

92 How deals are usually sealed: INPEN

94 Kissing at the bar, briefly: PDA

95 Hit the jackpot: WINBIG

97 Protestant denom.: EPISC

98 Group of experts: PANEL

99 Geek Squad member, for short: ITPRO

100 Burns a little: CHARS

102 Parts of gigs: MEGS

104 Word from a coach: AGAIN

105 Where to find words for words: ROGET

106 Label giant: AVERY

109 "Gotcha, man": IDIG

110 Loaf: LOLL

112 Pop's Carly __ Jepsen: RAE

114 Text-scanning tech.: OCR

115 Called before: NEE

116 Limo passenger: VIP

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