LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 30 July 2019

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Los Angeles Times 30 July 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 30 July 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Daytime snooze: NAP

4 Sprinkler liquid: WATER

9 Nursery rocker: CRADLE

15 Mine find: ORE

16 Classic Dior style: ALINE

17 Eagerly unwrapped: TOREAT

18 Pronoun for a filly: HER

19 Frequent Fred Astaire partner: GINGERROGERS

21 Salad veggie: ONION

23 River delta deposit: SILT

24 Salary: PAY

25 Army doctor for whom a D.C. medical center is named: WALTERREED

29 Close bud, in texts: BFF

31 More loyal: TRUER

32 Wool clippers: SHEARS

35 '60s "acid": LSD

38 Lewd material: SMUT

40 Photographed from a plane: AERIAL

42 Movies Superman portrayer: CHRISTOPHERREEVE

46 Big rig fuel: DIESEL

47 Excursion: TRIP

48 Lion's lair: DEN

49 Attached with glue: PASTED

51 Layered cookies: OREOS

54 Kid's bleat: MAA

55 "Glee" star who won "Dancing With the Stars" in 2017: AMBERRILEY

60 Grounded fast flier: SST

62 "I did it!": TADA

64 What the nose knows: AROMA

65 Start of a Pope line about fallibility ... as shown by 19-, 25-, 42- and 55-Across? TOERRISHUMAN

70 Coquettish: COY

71 Palindrome ending: IMADAM

72 Surrounded by: AMONG

73 Quarterback's asset: ARM

74 Zones for different usage, say: REMAPS

75 Foamy coffee: LATTE

76 Caustic solution: LYE


1 "Ain't gonna happen": NOHOW

2 Gladiator's milieu: ARENA

3 Problem for Pauline: PERIL

4 Ring Cycle composer: WAGNER

5 Boxer who proclaimed, "I am the greatest!": ALI

6 Sardine container: TIN

7 Required H.S. class: ENG

8 Witherspoon of "Big Little Lies": REESE

9 PC corner key: CTRL

10 Classic A&W soda: ROOTBEER

11 Neighbor of Uru.: ARG

12 Like fish and chips: DEEPFRIED

13 "Doctor Zhivago" heroine: LARA

14 Online craft shop: ETSY

20 Clears (of): RIDS

22 Baseball great Mel: OTT

26 Steal steers: RUSTLE

27 San __: Riviera resort: REMO

28 Blow, as a volcano: ERUPT

30 Taxi charge: FARE

33 Creator of Atticus, Scout and Jem: HARPER

34 All but: SAVE

35 TV screen type: LCD

36 Be sent via FedEx or UPS: SHIP

37 Group of star athletes: DREAMTEAM

39 Beat strongly: THROB

41 Spy novelist Deighton: LEN

43 "Insecure" Emmy nominee __ Rae: ISSA

44 Attempt to ensnare, with "for": SETATRAP

45 Land of the banshee: EIRE

50 June honorees: DADS

52 Breakfast juice flavor: ORANGE

53 Title for Paul McCartney: SIR

56 Taj __: MAHAL

57 Bus that makes all the stops: LOCAL

58 Atlanta university: EMORY

59 "I did it!": YAYME

60 Recipe instruction: STIR

61 Not all: SOME

63 Goals: AIMS

66 Old food label abbr.: RDA

67 Thurman of "Pulp Fiction": UMA

68 Witty remark: MOT

69 Pantry pest: ANT

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