LA Times Crossword answers Friday 30 July 2021

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Los Angeles Times 30 July 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 30 July 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Surfing venue: WEB

4 Tapered off: ABATED

10 Yankees' foes: JAYS

14 Nautical pronoun: HER

15 Chowder chunk: POTATO

16 Wind in the reeds: OBOE

17 Ring star: ALI

18 Item served at 52-Down: POACHEDIEGG

20 1988 self-titled country album: REBA

22 Three, in Bari: TRE

23 One of the "Emerging 7" nations: INDIA

24 Item served at 52-Down: FRENCHITOAST

28 Word associated with Denver: MILE

29 Govt. health org.: CDC

30 Flight: LAM

33 Kitchen draw: AROMA

35 Mum of Charlotte, George and Louis: KATE

37 Queen's home: HIVE

38 Item served at 52-Down: BANANAIPANCAKES

41 Stuntman Knievel: EVEL

42 Like Vassar since 1969: COED

43 Lift providers: UBERS

44 Mystery writer Josephine: TEY

45 "Can I help you?": YES

46 Orange County city: BREA

47 Item served at 52-Down: TURKEYIBACON

52 More unfriendly: ICIER

55 Heckle: BOO

56 One-horse ride: SHAY

57 Item served at 52-Down: HASHIBROWNS

61 Non-verbal syst.: ASL

62 Tony kin: OBIE

63 Begin to associate (with): FALLIN

64 2016 Olympics host: RIO

65 Prepare for a pic: POSE

66 Dumpster fire: FIASCO

67 ISP option: MSN


1 Landing: WHARF

2 Conger chaser: EELER

3 Loot to keep mute? BRIBEMONEY

4 Smartphone software: APP

5 "The Women" playwright Clare __ Luce: BOOTHE

6 Millipede maker: ATARI

7 Musical "don't play": TACET

8 E. African land: ETH

9 Buck's mate: DOE

10 Combined: JOINT

11 In the sack: ABED

12 Hindu ascetic: YOGI

13 6-Down rival: SEGA

19 Clay pigeon, e.g.: DISC

21 __ kingdom: ANIMAL

25 Scottish family: CLAN

26 Group of eight: OCTAD

27 Port on its own gulf: ADEN

30 Best way for something to work: LIKEACHARM

31 Declare: AVER

32 Untidy situation: MESS

33 Help, as a hood: ABET

34 Wild, all-night party: RAVE

35 Newspaper stand, e.g.: KIOSK

36 Imitate: APE

37 Writ of __ corpus: HABEAS

39 Taiwanese laptop brand: ACER

40 Street border: CURB

45 __ Gagarin, first human in outer space: YURI

46 Jaime Sommers, TV's "__ Woman": BIONIC

47 Chuckle: TEHEE

48 Congo River tributary: EBOLA

49 Feline complaints: YOWLS

50 Refuge from the heat: OASIS

51 Early seat belt material: NYLON

52 Chain with an alternate 28-letter name ... and what you need to write five puzzle answers? IHOP

53 Mexican resort, for short: CABO

54 Sister of Osiris: ISIS

58 Lifelong bud, initially: BFF

59 Italian counterpart of the BBC: RAI

60 __-cone: SNO

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