LA Times Crossword answers Monday 30 March 2020

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Los Angeles Times 30 March 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 30 March 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Run __ of the law: get in trouble: AFOUL

6 Seized SUV, say: REPO

10 Pumpkin dessert: PIE

13 Style: MANNER

15 Wind instrument in Donovan's "Jennifer Juniper": OBOE

16 "__ ideas?": ANY

17 Studio feature that produces reverb: ECHOCHAMBER

19 GPS choice: RTE

20 AFL partner: CIO

21 Pool-filling aid: HOSE

22 Spa sigh: AAH

23 Fifty percent: HALF

25 Very popular movie star, e.g.: HOTNUMBER

30 Advanced in age: ELDERLY

33 Museum of Natural __: HISTORY

34 Goat's cry: MAA

35 Pasta sauce brand: RAGU

36 Poe's "Annabel __": LEE

37 2017 Day-Lewis film with multiple Oscar nominations: PHANTOMTHREAD

41 True master: PRO

42 Days, to Diego: DIAS

43 Famous Downing Street address: TEN

44 Bone-muscle connectors: TENDONS

46 Like moody Romantic heroes, as first described in the works of a British lord: BYRONIC

50 Talk Like a Pirate Day greeting: AHOYMATEY

52 Centers of activity: LOCI

53 Before, to poets: ERE

54 Untidy condition: MESS

57 __ Van Winkle: RIP

58 Sassy West: MAE

59 Last leg of a race ... or a hint to the circled letters: HOMESTRETCH

63 SUV's "U," briefly: UTE

64 "Easy to Be Hard" musical: HAIR

65 Way out of jail: PAROLE

66 Ed.'s backlog: MSS

67 "Don't move, Rover!": STAY

68 More sensible: SANER


1 "Cocoon" co-star Don: AMECHE

2 Spa skin-care treatment: FACIAL

3 Waiting for a phone rep, maybe: ONHOLD

4 Tres menos dos: UNO

5 Solidarity's Walesa: LECH

6 Juliet's love: ROMEO

7 Tidal reflux: EBB

8 "Nevermore" poet: POE

9 Poet's contraction: OER

10 Geometry curve: PARABOLA

11 Losing money, colorfully: INTHERED

12 Organ with a pupil: EYE

14 Letter after pi: RHO

18 Pallid: ASHY

22 Check no.: AMT

24 National Preparedness Month org.: FEMA

26 "Is __ legal?": THAT

27 First of two nearly identical words to a tucked-in tot: NIGHTY

28 Loan shark: USURER

29 Whiskey grain: RYE

31 Hit-or-miss: RANDOM

32 Rita Moreno, e.g.: LATINA

35 Apt. ad count: RMS

37 Warms in advance: PREHEATS

38 Award recipients: HONOREES

39 Hops kiln: OAST

40 Organic compound: ENOL

41 School support org.: PTA

45 Color, as hair: DYE

46 Tournament passes: BYES

47 McAfee rival: NORTON

48 Frozen spike: ICICLE

49 Coded writing: CIPHER

51 Nail-filing board: EMERY

55 Car care brand: STP

56 Mex. ladies: SRAS

58 "The word" in silence: MUM

59 FDA overseer: HHS

60 Breakfast grain: OAT

61 Hamm of soccer: MIA

62 Important period: ERA

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