LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 30 March 2022

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Los Angeles Times 30 March 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 30 March 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Yoga aid that helps prevent slipping: MAT

4 Weather report stats: LOWS

8 Recipe amts.: TBSPS

13 In the past: AGO

14 Sale rack abbr.: IRREG

16 Linda Ronstadt's "Blue __": BAYOU

17 "Misery" co-star: JAMESCAAN

19 Like most tennis shots: ARCED

20 In full view: OVERT

21 "My turn to bat": IMUP

23 Cruise with a big price tag: TOM

24 Equine control: REIN

25 Merged comm. giant: GTE

26 On: ATOP

28 Versatile award-winning Indian film star known by his initials "SRK": SHAHRUKHKHAN

33 Starting gun: PISTOL

36 Move slightly ... like a mouse? STIR

37 Hullabaloo: ADO

38 Cut (off): LOP

39 Water source: TAP

41 Pachuca pronoun: ESA

42 URL ender: NET

43 Cycle starter: UNI

44 Red letters in a dark theater: EXIT

46 Fly over Africa: TSETSE

48 Oscar-nominated actress for "Paper Moon" and "Blazing Saddles": MADELINEKAHN

51 Ultimatum word: ELSE

52 Big noise: DIN

53 "Cornflake Girl" singer Tori: AMOS

57 Obama __: ERA

58 Spoken: SAID

60 Food recall cause: ECOLI

61 Cop to: ADMIT

63 Swindler ... or, phonetically, what each of three puzzle answers is? CONARTIST

65 Rachmaninoff's instrument: PIANO

66 Celebrity chef Eddie: HUANG

67 Yellow or Red follower: SEA

68 Group's belief: TENET

69 Places to relax: SPAS

70 Explosive letters: TNT


1 Collegian's choice: MAJOR

2 Tequila source: AGAVE

3 "My Cousin Vinny" Oscar winner Marisa: TOMEI

4 Suffix with craigs: LIST

5 "LOTR" menace: ORC

6 Eerie apparition: WRAITH

7 Two-__: fastballs named for the grip used to throw them: SEAMERS

8 Undetermined: Abbr.: TBA

9 "Bluebeard's Castle" composer B┼Żla: BARTOK


11 Dickinson work: POEM

12 South of France? SUD

15 Animal that sounds fresh: GNU

18 Dadaist Max: ERNST

22 India neighbor: PAKISTAN

25 Star systems: GALAXIES

27 Wallop: THRASH

29 Monopoly miniatures: HOTELS

30 Sport-__: off-road vehicle: UTE

31 Fruit drinks: ADES

32 A or E, but not I, O or U: NOTE

33 Horner's surprise: PLUM

34 New Rochelle college: IONA

35 Doctor Octopus foe: SPIDERMAN

40 Bowler's target: PIN

45 Boring: TEDIOUS

47 Sign into law: ENACT

49 Friend of Jerry and George: ELAINE

50 Abduct: KIDNAP

54 Damp: MOIST

55 Elizabeth of "WandaVision": OLSEN

56 Occupy, as a table: SITAT

57 Actress Falco: EDIE

59 German gripe: ACH

60 Bits of work: ERGS

61 Fitting: APT

62 Two-year-old, say: TOT

64 NHL's Ducks, on scoreboards: ANA

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