LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 30 May 2020

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Los Angeles Times 30 May 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 30 May 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Cowboys, at times: ROPERS

7 Can really bring it: HASGAME

14 Modern book case? EREADER

16 Poirot portrayer in "Death on the Nile": USTINOV

17 Mondale's 1984 running mate: FERRARO

18 Newborn: NEONATE

19 Fightin': AGIN

20 Fenders, e.g.: GUITARS

22 Mil. rank in Clue: COL

23 Emergency: PINCH

24 Flowering desert plant: YUCCA

28 Go after: ENSUE

30 Orator's stage: DAIS

32 Sweetie pie: HON

33 What an inspiration may do: SPRINGTOMIND

37 Makes big bucks: RAKESINTHEMONEY

40 Standing up to criticism: HOLDINGWATER

41 Compass dir.: ENE

42 Campus leader: DEAN

43 Tree houses: NESTS

47 Abounds: TEEMS

50 Uber offerings: RIDES

52 Limit: CAP

53 Spook: STARTLE

55 Ear part: LOBE

56 Like the L.A. Times Building: ARTDECO

59 Early name in aviation: ORVILLE

61 Reworked: DIDOVER

62 Brandished: WIELDED

63 Enter into and control: POSSESS



1 Spruce up, as a building front: REFACE

2 Home of Silicon Forest: OREGON

3 Risks: PERILS

4 Merit: EARN

5 Old food label abbr.: RDA

6 Two-time 1990s French Open champ __ Bruguera: SERGI

7 Look everywhere: HUNTHIGHANDLOW

8 Headed for Europe, maybe: ASEA

9 Account: STORY

10 Infomercial kitchen brand: GINSU

11 Santa __: ANA

12 Wit bit: MOT

13 Time of anticipation: EVE

15 Inaccuracies usually considered acceptable: ROUNDINGERRORS

21 Cry of anticipatory excitement: ICANTWAIT

23 Side in a decades-long war: PEPSI

25 Gym exercise: CHIN

26 Road repair sight: CONE

27 Comedian Samberg: ANDY

29 Put in the lineup: USED

31 Manuscript mark: STET

34 Peeled-off item: RIND

35 Eclipses and comets, to some: OMENS

36 Added: MORE

37 Orator's prowess: Abbr.: RHET

38 Top-drawer: AONE

39 "Fish Magic" painter: KLEE

44 Tells off: SCOLDS

45 Laptop alternative: TABLET

46 Barrels or bolts: SPEEDS

48 Windows forerunner: MSDOS

49 Jobs in the tech industry: STEVE

51 Macabre: EERIE

54 Breezes through: ACES

55 Taylor of "Six Feet Under": LILI

56 Payroll service initials: ADP

57 Feeder of un lago: RIO

58 NFL stats: TDS

60 Bug: VEX

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