LA Times Crossword answers Friday 30 November 2018

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Los Angeles Times 30 November 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 30 November 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Accommodate: ADAPT

6 "Who, me?": NOTI

10 Like many Miamians: QBAN

14 Craft pointed in two directions? CANOE

15 __-a-brac: BRIC

16 Bear overhead: URSA

17 Not to be tolerated: INEXQSABLE

19 Farm feed: OATS

20 Pasture moisture: DEW

21 One of the two most recent Pac-12 members: UTES

22 Xerxes' empire: PERSIA

24 Krombacher output: BIER

25 In __: undisturbed: SITU


32 Native American shelter: WIGWAM

33 Polynesian carving: TIKI

34 Waze suggestion: Abbr.: RTE

35 Flubs: ERRS

36 Dominate: OWN

37 "La Vie en Rose" singer: PIAF

38 Duffer's dream: ACE

39 Final notes: CODA

41 Gym wear: SWEATS

43 Potentially lifesaving efforts: RESQOPERATIONS

46 One often paying a fee: USER

47 Seagoing shortening: BOSN

48 Stay put: REMAIN

51 Stare slack-jawed: GAPE

52 Sleeve: ARM

55 Like __ of sunshine: ARAY

56 Words before entering ... and a hint to five puzzle answers: THATSMYCUE

59 Beatles song that begins, "Is there anybody going to listen to my story": GIRL

60 Exude: OOZE

61 Like some kitchens: EATIN

62 Charge: AQSE

63 Old-style "Wow!": EGAD

64 Exceedingly: NOEND


1 Stinging: ACID

2 Many a "Hamlet" character: DANE

3 Freshly: ANEW

4 Curse: POX

5 Drink with blanco and plata varieties: TEQUILA

6 Grizzlies, e.g., for short: NBAERS

7 "Nor to their idle __ doth sight appear": Milton: ORBS

8 Up to, in ads: TIL

9 Chip maker: ICEPICK

10 Number needed for official business: QUORUM

11 Support group? BRAS

12 Italian wine region: ASTI

13 Rocket launcher: NASA

18 Anger: STEAM

23 Holder of needles: ETUI

24 Bends over forward: BOWS

25 Newspaper ad meas.: SQIN

26 "Odyssey" sorceress: CIRCE

27 Cruel sorts: OGRES

28 Fighting big-time: ATWAR

29 Beach Boy Wilson: BRIAN

30 States overseas: ETATS

31 Whistle blowers: REFS

32 Sport: WEAR

36 Frankfurt's river: ODER

37 McJob holder: PEON

39 Mozart's "__ fan tutte": COSI

40 Like pedi-showing shoes: OPENTOE

41 Bus route components: STOPS

42 Stable visitors: WISEMEN

44 Veep before Gore: QUAYLE

45 Let up: ABATED

48 Sitar music: RAGA

49 Actor La Salle: ERIQ

50 Blemishes: MARS

51 Controversial Mideast strip: GAZA

52 Partie d'une com├ędie: ACTE

53 Destruction: RUIN

54 Use thread on threads, say: MEND

57 Monopolize: HOG

58 Former hoopster __ Ming: YAO

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