LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 30 November 2019

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Los Angeles Times 30 November 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 30 November 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Raccoon in a dumpster, facetiously: TRASHPANDA

11 Speak harshly: SNAP

15 1950s-'90s preschool program with many local versions: ROMPERROOM

16 Take cover: HIDE

17 Daniel Radcliffe co-star in eight films: EMMAWATSON

18 Internal prefix: ENDO

19 Certain petty officers: YEOMEN

20 Well-punctuated reaction: EMOTICON

22 Original "King Kong" company: RKO

24 Sharp grabbers: TALONS

25 Squat: NADA

29 Easy, as a job: CUSH

32 Cooking acronym: PAM

33 Roman : Discordia :: Greek : __: ERIS

34 Comfortable: ATHOME

36 __ talk: PEP

39 1963 folk album, and its title song: WESHALLOVERCOME

42 Summer tone: TAN

43 Numerical pair? ELEVEN

44 Put on an unhappy face: POUT

45 Sister of Helios: EOS

47 Poker player's problem: TELL

48 Architectural recess: APSE

49 Dust buster: DRYMOP

52 Scatter: SOW

54 Use a counseling technique: ROLEPLAY

57 Cut back: PRUNED

62 Purim month: ADAR

63 Limited retail offer: ONEDAYSALE

65 Traveled: WENT

66 Pool maintenance concern: WATERLEVEL

67 Float component: SODA

68 Thai food staple: STICKYRICE


1 Long shot, in hoops lingo: TREY

2 Capital of Italy's Lazio region: ROME

3 Some rounds: AMMO

4 Filter target: SPAM

5 Cutting-edge worker? HEWER

6 Practical joke involving ringing: PRANKCALL

7 Dance, e.g.: ART

8 Reporter's best sense? NOSE

9 Unhappy ending: DOOM

10 Rebuttal during recess: AMNOT

11 "Blue eyes and a ponytail" girl in a 1962 hit: SHEILA


13 Something more: ADDON

14 Lowly workers: PEONS

21 Make a point: TAPER

23 Retail store: OUTLET

25 Garter snake prey: NEWT

26 Quarter: AREA

27 New Orleans Square site: DISNEYLAND

28 Gray shade: ASH

30 Play rough: SHOVE

31 Shabby quarters: HOVELS

35 Community in New Jersey's Edison Township: MENLOPARK

37 Avian sprinters: EMUS

38 Old Red Rose: PETE

40 Greek storyteller: AESOP

41 Pro filer: CPA

46 Posthumously published Puzo novel: OMERTA

49 Popular movies, say: DRAWS

50 "Buckaroo Holiday" ballet: RODEO

51 Winter storm sights: PLOWS

53 With a twist: WRYLY

55 Vet school subj.: ANAT

56 Igloo competitor: YETI

58 App tapper: USER

59 "Avatar" race: NAVI

60 Juice for PCs: ELEC

61 Proofer's mark: DELE

64 Mo. originally tenth in the Roman calendar: DEC

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