LA Times Crossword answers Monday 30 November 2020

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Los Angeles Times 30 November 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 30 November 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Two-wheelers: BIKES

6 Haunted house sound: MOAN

10 Stick a fork in: STAB

14 Standing at attention, say: ERECT

15 Oscar winner Paquin: ANNA

16 Soft drink nut: KOLA

17 Big burger chain, literally? GUYGUYGUYGUYGUY

20 Yale student: ELI

21 Homes for bears: DENS

22 Con jobs: SCAMS

23 __ strength: ability to withstand stretching: TENSILE

25 On the briny: ASEA

27 "I Can't Help Myself" R&B group, literally? TOPTOPTOPTOP

32 Honors with a fancy party: FETES

35 "Wild Blue Yonder" mil. group: USAF

36 __ de Janeiro: RIO

37 Dutch cheese: EDAM

38 Worker in a shaft: MINER

40 Curve in a road: BEND

41 Round Table title: SIR

42 Locker room powder: TALC

43 Walrus features: TUSKS

44 Many a sports car, literally? SEATERSEATER

48 Floor space calculation: AREA

49 Sticks around: LINGERS

53 Big rigs: SEMIS

56 Bowling targets: PINS

57 Animal doc: VET

58 Exec's dressy suit, literally? PIECEPIECEPIECE

62 One of 12 in a foot: INCH

63 Farm size unit: ACRE

64 Confess: OWNUP

65 Classic grape soda: NEHI

66 Hair colorings: DYES

67 Handy carryalls: TOTES


1 Procreate: BEGET

2 "Go, me!": IRULE

3 Enter, as data: KEYIN

4 Cardio readout: ECG

5 Small apartments: STUDIOS

6 Wall calendar : nail :: shopping list : __: MAGNET

7 Burden: ONUS

8 "__ further discussion?": ANY

9 Old horse: NAG

10 Airport porter: SKYCAP

11 Forum wear: TOGA

12 High school reunion attendee, briefly: ALUM

13 Howls at the moon: BAYS

18 Puppy's cry: YELP

19 Make __: employ: USEOF

24 Flower holder: STEM

25 Semicircular cathedral area: APSE

26 Lead actor or actress: STAR

28 Postal scale unit: OUNCE

29 "__ bien!": TRES

30 Sty cry: OINK

31 Snow pea holders: PODS

32 Come clean, with "up": FESS

33 Falco of "The Sopranos": EDIE

34 Butler's quarters? TARA

38 Female horse: MARE

39 "Casablanca" heroine: ILSA

40 Town: BURG

42 Wasting few words: TERSE

43 Sawbuck: TENSPOT

45 Meditative martial art: TAICHI

46 Restaurant in an Arlo Guthrie hit: ALICES

47 Fork prong: TINE

50 Discus or pole vault: EVENT

51 Prompt, as a forgetful actor: RECUE

52 Staircase divisions: STEPS

53 "Wheel of Fortune" choice: SPIN

54 German article: EINE

55 Kind of drawing: Abbr.: MECH

56 Dijon dad: PERE

59 Note-taking aid: PAD

60 Aloof: ICY

61 __ Jima: IWO

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