LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 30 November 2021

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Los Angeles Times 30 November 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 30 November 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Way in the woods: PATH

5 Japanese cattle breed yielding Kobe beef: WAGYU

10 Fleecy footwear brand: UGGS

14 Currency named for a continent: EURO

15 Used for dinner, as dishes: ATEON

16 Fit: SUIT

17 Burnett on CNN: ERIN

18 Author Dahl: ROALD

19 Crib sheet user: BABY

20 Available workers, statistically: LABORMARKET

23 "Oedipus __": REX

24 Set of TV programs: SERIES

25 First name in civil rights history: ROSA

27 Meteorology, e.g.: EARTHSCIENCE

32 Gets ready for a selfie: POSES

35 Tried to be like: EMULATED

36 Before, in poems: ERE

37 Explosion: BLAST

39 Rock in a vein: ORE

40 Merchant: RETAILER

43 Cling wrap brand: SARAN

45 Game in which grabbing a piece of cloth replaces tackling: FLAGFOOTBALL

48 Spanish kiss: BESO

49 Meteorologist's pressure line: ISOBAR

52 Do stuff? GEL

54 Period when everything is backwards ... and where the starts of 20-, 27- and 45-Across might be found? OPPOSITEDAY

58 Out of the office: AWAY

60 Made a boo-boo: ERRED

61 NFL analyst Tony: ROMO

62 Google-owned navigation app: WAZE

63 Volleyball great Gabrielle: REECE

64 Deuce defeater: TREY

65 Had down pat: KNEW

66 Dalmatian features: SPOTS

67 __ Domini: ANNO


1 Banana leftover: PEEL

2 Subtle vibes: AURAS

3 Wichita or Omaha: TRIBE

4 Distinguished guest, perhaps: HONOREE

5 Not so cold: WARMER

6 "Raise your glass!": ATOAST

7 Camping equipment: GEAR

8 The "sun" in "sunny side up": YOLK

9 Go even lower than, pricewise: UNDERCUT

10 Thumb drive port: USB

11 Co-signer, e.g.: GUARANTOR

12 Taunt: GIBE

13 River in which Achilles was dipped: STYX

21 Narrow inlets: RIAS

22 Work really hard: TOIL

26 Caribbean, for one: SEA

28 Essence: HEART

29 Texting format, for short: SMS

30 Michael of "Arrested Development": CERA

31 Genesis garden: EDEN

32 Flawless, in slang: PERF

33 Baseball's Hershiser: OREL

34 Light on fire: SETABLAZE

37 Humorous outtakes: BLOOPERS

38 Cancer follower: LEO

41 Golden __: AGE

42 "In that case ... ": IFSO

43 Vending machine opening: SLOT

44 Calgary's province: ALBERTA

46 Split equally: BISECT

47 Comments only for the audience: ASIDES

50 Decorate: ADORN

51 Asian noodle dish: RAMEN

52 Stare stupidly: GAWK

53 Obi-Wan portrayer McGregor: EWAN

55 Help the chef: PREP

56 Black-and-white cookie: OREO

57 Toy on a string: YOYO

59 Bow wood: YEW

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