LA Times Crossword answers Monday 30 October 2017

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Los Angeles Times 30 October 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 30 October 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Press (down), as pipe bowl ash: TAMP

5 Life-saving proc.: CPR

8 Collect $200 in Monopoly: PASSGO

14 Top poker pair: ACES

15 Feel remorse for: RUE

16 Brewpub fixture: ALETAP

17 *Palestine, to many: HOLYLAND

19 Soccer game shout: OLEOLE

20 St. plagued by wildfires in 2017: ORE

21 Leaves out: OMITS

23 Colorado resort: ASPEN

24 Other side in a fight: ENEMY

26 Monterey County seat: SALINAS

28 *Slam-dance area: MOSHPIT

30 Spontaneous notion: WHIM

33 Classic Ford: MODELT

36 One of eight Eng. kings: EDW

37 Cola, e.g.: SODA

38 Actress Longoria: EVA

39 Vienna's country: Abbr.: AUS

41 Gobble up: EAT

43 Do sales work (for): REP

44 Baseball glove: MITT

46 Baseball throw: PEG

48 Multi-room accommodations: SUITES

50 Praiseful verses: ODES

51 *What "blows no good": ILLWIND

53 More geeky: NERDIER

55 V-shaped carving: NOTCH

59 Happy expression: SMILE

61 "Six __ a-laying ... ": GEESE

63 Yokohama yes: HAI

64 Descartes' "I think": COGITO

66 "Spring forward" partner (a reminder for November 5th) ... and what the last word of each answer to a starred clue can literally have: FALLBACK

68 From boat to beach: ASHORE

69 Island strings: UKE

70 Pre-deal wager: ANTE

71 Poker player, e.g.: BETTOR

72 '60s hallucinogen: LSD

73 Enjoys 23-Across: SKIS


1 Nevada border lake: TAHOE

2 Bit of a squirrel's stash: ACORN

3 Messy fight: MELEE

4 Future therapist's maj.: PSY

5 Study at the last minute: CRAM

6 Say "You're grounded" to, say: PUNISH

7 Administrative complications: REDTAPE

8 Kung __ chicken: PAO

9 Edgar __ Poe: ALLAN

10 Up-and-down playground fixtures: SEESAWS

11 *Jam on the brakes: STOPSHORT

12 More than a breeze: GALE

13 Ready for customers: OPEN

18 Common Jesuit school name: LOYOLA

22 Playground fixture: SLIDE

25 Sra., on the Seine: MME

27 Formal "My bad": ITWASI

29 Dumb: STUPID

31 Camille's concept: IDEE

32 Route providers: MAPS

33 Note to the staff: MEMO

34 Exiled Roman poet: OVID

35 *Regular dinner-and-a-movie evening: DATENIGHT

40 Former MLB commissioner Bud: SELIG

42 Way under a river: TUNNEL

45 "Cats" poet: TSELIOT

47 Full of joy: GLEEFUL

49 About-to-be spouse's words: IDO

52 Inflicts, as havoc: WREAKS

54 Nostalgically trendy: RETRO

56 Say "Much obliged" to: THANK

57 Desert plants: CACTI

58 Walks with backpacks: HIKES

59 Picket line violator: SCAB

60 Jazzman Allison: MOSE

62 Word with bob or dog: SLED

65 Poetic "above": OER

67 Eng. majors' degrees: BAS

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