LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 30 October 2018

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Los Angeles Times 30 October 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 30 October 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Beauty queen's topper: TIARA

6 Standoffish: ALOOF

11 Irish folk dance: JIG

14 Naysayers: ANTIS

15 "Z: The Beginning of Everything" star Christina: RICCI

16 Santa __ winds: ANA

17 *Easy-to-read character: BLOCKLETTER

19 "Real World" channel: MTV

20 Triangular Indian pastry: SAMOSA

21 Skinny fish: EEL

22 Buzzing insect: BEE

23 Luxury bag monogram: YSL

24 *Cruise stop: PORTOFCALL

28 Like much Scotch: AGED

30 Purchase at Lowe's: TOOL

31 July 4th nonstarter: DUD

34 Kagan of the Court: ELENA

37 "Grr!," say: SNARL

40 *Microsoft Outlook service: EMAIL

42 Freight weight: TON

43 *FaceTime alternative: SKYPE

44 1988 film farce fish: WANDA

45 Asian part of Egypt: SINAI

47 Assist: AID

48 Goes to seed: ROTS

50 "Enchanted" fantasy film girl: ELLA

52 *Emphatic typeface: ITALICTEXT

56 Patriots' org.: NFL

59 Stool pigeon: RAT

60 Put a spell on: HEX

61 Decline to participate: OPTOUT

64 Cigar refuse: ASH

65 Parting words suggested by all or part of the answers to starred clues: KEEPINTOUCH

67 Peg for a round: TEE

68 "Grr!": IMMAD

69 "Tomorrow" musical: ANNIE

70 Slip up: ERR

71 Cozy spots: NESTS

72 Rent-a-car choice: SEDAN


1 File folder projections: TABS

2 Mosaic technique: INLAY

3 Molecule parts: ATOMS

4 Cough drop name sung in ads: RICOLA

5 Seeks answers: ASKS

6 "__ you listening?": ARE

7 Soda bottle size: LITER

8 Four pairs: OCTET

9 Spotted wildcat: OCELOT

10 Evergreen tree: FIR

11 One-pot New Orleans dish: JAMBALAYA

12 Major chip maker: INTEL

13 Chairperson's order keeper: GAVEL

18 Place for a campaign button: LAPEL

25 "Waiting for Lefty" playwright: ODETS

26 Archaeologist's find: FOSSIL

27 Fail suddenly, with "out": CONK

29 Desserts in Little Italy: GELATI

31 Morning drops: DEW

32 Actress Thurman: UMA

33 Longtime "CBS Evening News" anchor: DANRATHER

35 "There's __ in team": NOI

36 Building add-on: ANNEX

38 Hudson Riv. tech school: RPI

39 Went first: LED

41 Worshiped star: IDOL

46 "Iron Chef Gauntlet" host Brown: ALTON

49 Devious plan: SCHEME

51 San __: Texas city, familiarly: ANTONE

52 Steaming mad: IRATE

53 Law enforcement shocker: TASER

54 Overflows (with): TEEMS

55 Yank in Yemen, for short: EXPAT

57 No longer lost: FOUND

58 Saint __: Caribbean island: LUCIA

62 School bake sale orgs.: PTAS

63 In that case: THEN

65 They're related: KIN

66 Cards checked at the gate, briefly: IDS

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