LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 30 October 2021

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Los Angeles Times 30 October 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 30 October 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Make bold, maybe: STRESS

7 Advanced degree candidate's no.: GRESCORE

15 "No more kidding around!": THISTIMEIMEANIT


18 Peck in the park, informally: PDA

19 Controversial oil well verb: FRACK

20 "Whose __ was that?": IDEA

21 Philosophy 101 subject: PLATO

22 Headey of "Game of Thrones": LENA

24 "Turning Tables" singer: ADELE

27 Main ingredients in the Thai dish tam som: PAPAYAS

30 Shuffle alternative: NANO

31 Speak from memory: RECITE

34 One-named "Chandelier" singer: SIA

35 Start thinking about old unpleasantness: DREDGEUPTHEPAST

38 Stately tree: ELM

39 Gas up? AERATE

40 World's largest fashion magazine: ELLE

41 Responds to a minister, in a way: SAYSIDO

43 Coarse cloth: TWEED

44 Join (with): ALLY

45 Sources of suffering: BANES

48 Ginormous: MEGA

50 Completely surround: BOXIN

51 Food is tossed in it: WOK

54 2019 culmination of a 22-film story: AVENGERSENDGAME

58 Thrift store merchandise: VINTAGECLOTHING

59 Free throws, usually: SETSHOTS

60 "You're absolutely right": SOITIS


1 "That's enough!": STOP

2 Sound of a flop: THUD

3 Romance writers' award until 2019: RITA

4 Assassin standout? ESS

5 Smother: STIFLE

6 Libya's Gulf of __: SIDRA

7 Company with woodchuck ads: GEICO

8 Stars' play area: RINK

9 Lifesaver, briefly: EMT

10 "Catch my drift?": SEE

11 Canopus' constellation: CARINA

12 Short promotion: ONEDAYSALE

13 Hilltop: RISE

14 Place Sundance liked to see: ETTA

16 Substance: MEAT

21 Drudge or trudge: PLOD

22 Woodshop tool: LATHE

23 Heaviest of the three modern fencing swords: EPEE

24 Quito's range: ANDES

25 Alfalfa's love interest: DARLA

26 Suspicious plant: ENEMYAGENT

27 The Panthers of the ACC: PITT

28 Symbolic compromise crossing: AISLE

29 Having no more room, perhaps: SATED

31 Thin in tone: REEDY

32 Latvian capital: EURO

33 Pro concerned with returns: CPA

36 Olympic sprinter Devers: GAIL

37 Prayer supports? PEWS

42 Op-ed features: SLANTS

43 Care for: TENDTO

45 Bartlett relatives: BOSCS

46 Double or triple skating move: AXEL

47 Boys of Sevilla: NINOS

48 Cuban team, for short: MAVS

49 Name that sounds like its first two letters: EVIE

50 Poison lead singer Michaels: BRET

51 Stand by: WAIT

52 Start to science? OMNI

53 Bar supply: KEGS

55 Cry of exasperation: GAH

56 Word with surf or trip: EGO

57 Letters next to a 4: GHI

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