LA Times Crossword answers Monday 30 September 2019

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Los Angeles Times 30 September 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 30 September 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Gull relatives: TERNS

6 Spots to fast-forward through: TVADS

11 Cleopatra's killer: ASP

14 Sharply inclined: STEEP

15 Trip odometer function: RESET

16 Chinese steamed bun: BAO

17 *Realtor's client: HOUSEHUNTER

19 Category: ILK

20 Rural stopover: INN

21 __ d'Alene, Idaho: COEUR

22 "Well, gosh!": OHGEE

24 Social reformer Jacob: RIIS

26 *Surface for slicing rye, say: BREADBOARD

28 Body ink: TATTOO

30 Eye part that may become detached: RETINA

31 Golf's Slammin' Sammy: SNEAD

32 Karma: FATE

35 Vegas' "one-armed bandit": SLOT

36 *Vehicle's rear warning lamp: TAILLIGHT

39 Head or tooth pain: ACHE

42 Pick out with care: CULL

43 Aficionados: BUFFS

47 "Ye Olde" retailer: SHOPPE

49 Lose its fizz, as soda: GOFLAT

50 *Feline metaphor for an empty threat: PAPERTIGER

54 Pâté de __ gras: FOIE

55 Goodnight woman of song: IRENE

56 "The __ Wears Prada": 2006 film: DEVIL

58 "__ you awake?": ARE

59 Vied for office: RAN

60 Certain brain tissue, or what each half of the answers to the starred clues can be: WHITEMATTER

63 Pre-marital (just barely) promise: IDO

64 Parisian love: AMOUR

65 Reagan attorney general Ed: MEESE

66 After taxes: NET

67 Easy victories: ROMPS

68 Medicare Rx section: PARTD


1 Tops with slogans: TSHIRTS

2 Ian Fleming or George Orwell, schoolwise: ETONIAN

3 Get the old gang together: REUNITE

4 Old Nintendo game console: Abbr.: NES

5 Job detail, briefly: SPEC

6 More accurate: TRUER

7 Change of __: trial request: VENUE

8 Stars, in Latin: ASTRA

9 Lousy grade: DEE

10 Flasher at a disco: STROBE

11 1797-1801 first lady Adams: ABIGAIL

12 City near Naples: SALERNO

13 Prodded: POKEDAT

18 Stereotypical boxcar hopper: HOBO

23 1979 Donna Summer hit: HOTSTUFF

25 Local govt. prison: STATEPEN

27 Bit of wine sediment: DREG

29 "Ghost" psychic __ Mae Brown: ODA

32 Winter malady: FLU

33 "__ My Children": ALL

34 Shop __ you drop: TIL

37 Rapper/actor whose name sounds like a summer drink: ICET

38 "Westworld" network: HBO

39 Pill for pain: ASPIRIN

40 Pantomimed act in a parlor game: CHARADE

41 "Sure wish that doesn't happen": HOPENOT

44 Pool noodle, e.g.: FLOATER

45 "... who is the __ one of all?": Evil Queen: FAIREST

46 Manned the helm: STEERED

48 Like the Great Depression, timewise: PREWAR

49 Like the Reaper: GRIM

51 Figure of speech: IDIOM

52 Hop out of bed: GETUP

53 Activist Medgar: EVERS

57 Tanning device: LAMP

61 Medical ins. plan: HMO

62 Scone go-with: TEA

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