LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 30 September 2020

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Los Angeles Times 30 September 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 30 September 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Contentious marketing clash: ADWAR

6 Firmly fixed: FAST

10 "Capisce?" response: ISEE

14 Hang loosely: DRAPE

15 Lunch box treat: OREO

16 Work at a keyboard: TYPE

17 Cliff dwelling: AERIE

18 Caboose: REAR

19 Kuwaiti ruler: EMIR

20 *Founding Father who inherited a malthouse: SAMADAMS

22 Packs down: TAMPS

24 Many corp. logos: TMS

25 *"War and Peace" author: LEOTOLSTOY

28 Student's second try: RETEST

31 Went undercover: HID

32 Poem of homage: ODE

33 Kitchen enticement: AROMA

34 Demean: ABASE

36 Litter sound: MEW

37 *"Hee Haw" cohost: BUCKOWENS

40 Backboard attachment: RIM

43 Snaky formations: COILS

44 Type of pool or wave: TIDAL

48 Make a move: ACT

49 QB's miss, maybe: INT

50 Former Spanish currency: PESETA

51 *Outlaw associate of Cole Younger: JESSEJAMES

55 Wondering word: WHY

56 Extremely small: MICRO

57 Give up, or what you might do before the starts of the answers to starred clues: SAYUNCLE

60 Class of merchandise: LINE

61 Day for Caesar to beware: IDES

63 Track specialist: MILER

64 Mathematician Turing: ALAN

65 "Great shot!": NICE

66 Serving holder: PLATE

67 "SNL" segment: SKIT

68 Fresh talk: SASS

69 Embroidered, say: SEWED


1 To the stars, in mottos: ADASTRA

2 One with aspirations: DREAMER

3 Becomes fond of: WARMSTO

4 Capital of Samoa: APIA

5 Wetland plant: REED

6 Gift recipient's surprised query: FORME

7 Playground comeback: ARESO

8 __ of Tranquility: lunar plain: SEA

9 Fabled slowpoke: TORTOISE

10 Tabloid twosomes: ITEMS

11 Chills or fever: SYMPTOM

12 Single show: EPISODE

13 Poetic contraction: EER

21 Pilot's datum: Abbr.: ALT

23 Pasta preference: ALDENTE

26 Warming periods: THAWS

27 Source of pliable wood: YEW

29 Diplomatic HQ: EMB

30 Relatively risqué: SAUCIER

34 Muscular Japanese dog: AKITA

35 Big tin exporter of S.A.: BOL

38 Brings together: CONJOINS

39 Female in the fam: SIS

40 Indian friend of Sheldon and Leonard: RAJ

41 Low-fat frozen dessert: ICEMILK

42 Pentateuch peak: Abbr.: MTSINAI

45 Mammal's digit that doesn't touch the ground: DEWCLAW

46 Wheaties box adorner: ATHLETE

47 Like lasagna, say: LAYERED

50 "Gangnam Style" performer: PSY

52 Manhunt pickup: SCENT

53 There are 60,000 of them in a min.: MSECS

54 Simplifies: EASES

58 Rules on plays: UMPS

59 Cairo's river: NILE

60 Vegas opener: LAS

62 Lunes or martes: DIA

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