LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 30 September 2021

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Los Angeles Times 30 September 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 30 September 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Nursery piece: CRIB

5 Orkin target: ROACH

10 Cousin of a sari: TOGA

14 Jay with lots of wheels: LENO

15 Speed skater Ohno: APOLO

16 Like webs: SPUN

17 "Fancy" (2014) singer: IGGYAZALEA

19 Sent up: APED

20 Bro, to sis: FAM

21 Seminarian's subj.: REL

22 "November Rain" lead singer: AXLROSE

24 Back-pocket booze holder: FLASK

26 One being hunted: PREY

27 Org. concerned with secrets: NSA

28 Barcelona-born muralist: SERT

29 Fiver: ABE

31 Show in a theater: SCREEN

33 "How chic!": OOLALA

36 Tears: RENDS

37 "Whole Lotta Love" lead singer: ROBERTPLANT

39 Silvery food fish: SMELT

41 Most mature: RIPEST

42 Handkerchief alternative: TISSUE

44 Its capital is Sydney: Abbr.: NSW

45 End of a classic palindrome: ELBA

49 Very old: Abbr.: ANC

50 Metallic residue: SLAG

52 Award-winning '80s-'90s soap opera actress Deborah: ADAIR

53 "Walk on the Wild Side" singer: LOUREED

55 Venomous snake: ASP

57 Trendy boot brand: UGG

58 Pulitzer-winning author James: AGEE

59 "Johnny B. Goode" singer: CHUCKBERRY

62 Hanks Oscar role: GUMP

63 Oscar winner Marisa: TOMEI

64 Jessica of "Hitchcock": BIEL

65 Dates: SEES

66 Surgery souvenirs: SCARS

67 George Eliot's "Adam __": BEDE


1 Dover attraction: CLIFFS

2 Wine and dine: REGALE

3 "The Seventh Seal" director Bergman: INGMAR

4 Word before and after "oh": BOY

5 Totally destroy: RAZE

6 Autumn gemstone: OPAL

7 Web pioneer: AOL

8 Golf-friendly forecast: CLEAR

9 Counterfeits: HOAXES

10 Former Russian ruler: TSAR

11 Other side: OPPONENT

12 Didn't know, but got it right: GUESSED

13 Quechua speakers: ANDEANS

18 Genesis transport: ARK

23 Stretchy fibers: LYCRAS

25 Your legs may not touch the ground when you're on them: STOOLS

26 Snowball action: PELTING

29 Pub brew: ALE

30 Attorney General under Bush, Sr.: BARR

32 Chartered: RENTED

34 Over 90 degrees, in a way: OBTUSE

35 Pixel purchases: APPS

37 2004-2011 TV series about firefighters: RESCUEME

38 __ Zealand, Muppet known for fish-throwing: LEW

39 WWII prison camps: STALAGS

40 Kylie dubbed "Princess of Pop" by the European press: MINOGUE

43 Gives a seat to: ELECTS

46 Metcalf of "Lady Bird": LAURIE

47 Colorful Wrigley product: BIGRED

48 Footwear design: ARGYLE

51 Committee type: ADHOC

52 Urgent police msg.: APB

54 Account execs: REPS

55 Big name in PCs: ACER

56 Pair on the slopes: SKIS

60 Actress Thurman: UMA

61 Decline: EBB

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