LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 31 August 2017

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Los Angeles Times 31 August 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 31 August 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Draft day announcements: PICKS

6 In-tents experience? CAMP

10 Like some dental floss: WAXY

14 End of __: ANERA

15 Jai __: ALAI

16 Wrapped up: OVER

17 Artifact: RELIC

18 Board member? KING

19 Unites: WEDS

20 Volleyball players in Dublin? IRISHSETTERS

23 New York's __ Island: STATEN

24 Sturgeon delicacy: ROE

25 Engineering sch. on the Hudson River: RPI

28 Euros in Rome? ITALIANBREAD

32 Deadly snake: ASP

35 White House signing ceremony memento: PEN

36 __ Trinket, "The Hunger Games" chaperone played by Elizabeth Banks: EFFIE

37 Airport inspectors in Beijing? CHINESECHECKERS

42 Cosmonaut Vladimir: TITOV

43 Partner of abet: AID

44 Most of Ariz. doesn't observe it: DST

45 Dance lessons in Madrid? SPANISHSTEPS

50 CIA predecessor: OSS

51 Drivers' org.: AAA

52 Phillies' div.: NLEAST

56 Number cruncher in New Delhi? INDIANSUMMER

59 SALT subject: ICBM

62 Crab Key villain: DRNO

63 Mazda MX-5, familiarly: MIATA

64 Witty tweet, e.g.: QUIP

65 Novelist O'Brien: EDNA

66 Bunsen burner kin: ETNAS

67 Small ticks? SECS

68 Travel aimlessly: ROAM

69 One of Franklin's two certainties: DEATH


1 Musée d'Orsay city: PARIS

2 Still: INERT

3 Salsa singer Cruz: CELIA

4 Spring 2008 "Dancing with the Stars" champion Yamaguchi: KRISTI

5 Potpourri pouch: SACHET

6 Wedding reception sight: CAKE

7 Hit the ground: ALIT

8 Hindu incantation: MANTRA

9 Word with carrier or passenger: PIGEON

10 Floors: WOWS

11 Abbr. in many addresses: AVE

12 Crossed (out): XED

13 Jr. and sr.: YRS

21 Loses it: SNAPS

22 Lute-like instrument: REBEC

25 Served seconds, say: REFED

26 Figure skating event: PAIRS

27 In other words, in other words: IDEST

29 Novelist Harper: LEE

30 Quechua speakers: INCAS

31 He served as A.G. under his brother: RFK

32 "Don't __ innocent": ACTSO

33 Port arrivals: SHIPS

34 Pockets for falafel: PITAS

38 Start to skid? NON

39 French spa: EVIAN

40 Strike: HIT

41 Utopias: EDENS

46 More melancholy: SADDER

47 Bob, for one: HAIRDO

48 Like peacocks: PLUMED

49 Many a Mideast native: SEMITE

53 Appliance maker since 1934: AMANA

54 Attack: SETAT

55 Vandalize: TRASH

56 Rascals: IMPS

57 Kendrick of "Pitch Perfect": ANNA

58 "Syntactic Structures" author Chomsky: NOAM

59 Nos. averaging 100: IQS

60 What a shark strikes with: CUE

61 Wite-Out maker: BIC

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