LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 31 August 2021

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Los Angeles Times 31 August 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 31 August 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Country singer McCann: LILA

5 Chose: OPTED

10 Imitates: APES

14 Poet's "in a trice": ANON

15 Legendary crooner Mel: TORME

16 Red inside: RARE

17 *It often runs through the center of town: MAINSTREET

19 H.S. math class: TRIG

20 Year at the Sorbonne: ANNEE

21 Spare in a boot: TYRE

22 DIY furniture giant: IKEA

23 Took five: RESTED

25 Clutch: GRASP

27 Stereo knob: TREBLE

30 Corporate department: SALES

33 Apartment overseer, informally: SUPE

36 "Homeland" org.: CIA

37 Fruit in a split: BANANA

38 Japanese sash: OBI

39 *Sleeveless shirt: TANKTOP

41 NYSE listings: COS

42 Undo legislatively: REPEAL

44 Place for a ring: EAR

45 "Winter Song" musician John: TESH

46 Nottingham's river: TRENT

47 Goofs: ERRORS

49 Stuff, as a turkey: DRESS

51 Zero chance: NOHOPE

55 Root for a luau: TARO

57 Supply-and-demand sci.: ECON

60 Turkish coins: LIRAS

61 Cheese couleur: BLEU

62 Like oceanside resort property ... and what the starts to the answers to starred clues can have? WATERFRONT

64 Football's QB rating, for one: STAT

65 Modeling adhesive: EPOXY

66 Arrogance, in slang: TUDE

67 Fleshy fruit: POME

68 Tivoli's Villa __: DESTE

69 Headliner: STAR


1 Rapper Kendrick: LAMAR

2 Mindless: INANE

3 Meat cuts: LOINS

4 "Being Julia" co-star Bening: ANNETTE

5 Old-time baseball slugger called "Master Melvin": OTT

6 Dessert wine: PORT

7 It beats a deuce: TREY

8 Come forth: EMERGE

9 Put a damper on: DETER

10 Craftsperson: ARTISAN

11 *Monopoly property three squares before Go: PARKPLACE

12 Toledo's lake: ERIE

13 Big name in computer games: SEGA

18 Fortuneteller: SEER

24 Image-transfer item: DECAL

26 "Now!": ASAP

28 Coal holder: BIN

29 Staples Center player: LAKER

31 Slaughter on the diamond: ENOS

32 Pageant body band: SASH

33 Database command: SORT

34 Above, in Berlin: UBER

35 *Bit of wishful thinking: PIPEDREAM

37 B in chem class: BORON

39 London art gallery: TATE

40 Old salt: TAR

43 On the way: ENROUTE

45 Vacation souvenirs: TSHIRTS

47 Break out: ESCAPE

48 Massage therapeutically: ROLF

50 Put in stitches: SEWED

52 "Are you in __?": OROUT

53 Bamboo muncher: PANDA

54 Aromatic compound: ESTER

55 1/2 fl. oz.: TBSP

56 Choir part: ALTO

58 Platte River people: OTOS

59 Preceded in line by only one person: NEXT

63 Bar staple: RYE

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