LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 31 December 2016

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Los Angeles Times 31 December 2016 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 31 December 2016

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Not much: JUSTATAD

9 "__ Weeks": classic Van Morrison album: ASTRAL

15 Caravaggio masterpiece that pictures Pontius Pilate with Jesus: ECCEHOMO

16 Raise: PARENT

17 Iconic building with "point" offices: FLATIRON

18 Market array: BRANDS

19 What stars have: FAME

20 Specialty docs: ENTS

22 In order: TIDY

23 They're hard to put down: PAGETURNERS

26 Dauntless: STOUT

29 Spray holder: VASE

30 Site of monkey business: ZOO

31 Get a winter coat? ICEUP

32 Part of an inheritance: GENE

33 River to the Severn: AVON

34 First volume of a Beverly Cleary series: BEEZUSANDRAMONA

37 Cornerstone word: ANNO

38 Hauls: LUGS

39 2009 A.L. MVP Joe: MAUER

40 Spectrum band: RED

41 1969-'70 Broadway musical that ends with a fashion show: COCO

42 Brandt of "Breaking Bad": BETSY

43 Comedy team staples: STRAIGHTMEN

46 Benjamin portrayer: HAWN

47 Cries of surprise: OHOS

48 John follower: ACTS

52 Fleet destroyed by the Protestant Wind: ARMADA

54 Ovid, for one: EPICPOET

56 More expensive: DEARER

57 Bought back: REDEEMED

58 Joshua tree habitat: DESERT

59 Tests using Snellen charts: EYEEXAMS


1 Bridges of Los Angeles County: JEFF

2 Home of the Herb Alpert Sch. of Music: UCLA

3 Hustle: SCAM

4 Head of the Sorbonne? TETE

5 Sushi choice: AHI

6 Eagerly unwrapped: TOREAT

7 In with: AMONG

8 "You're skating on thin ice": DONTEVENGOTHERE

9 SFPD alert: APB

10 "Nausea" novelist: SARTRE

11 Express, say: TRAIN

12 Orbital maneuver: RENDEZVOUS

13 "Years of Minutes" author: ANDYROONEY

14 SFPD ranks: LTS

21 Resolute policies: STANDS

23 __ platter: PUPU

24 One working on keys: USER

25 Wreck locator: SONAR

26 When, in Act IV, Juliet drinks the potion: SCENETHREE

27 "The O.C." and "Gossip Girl": TEENDRAMAS

28 Taverna liqueur: OUZO

31 Structural pieces: IBARS

32 Riata twirler: GAUCHO

33 Basic Latin word: AMAT

35 Rough going: SLOG

36 "Yes!": AMEN

41 __ block: CINDER

42 Next to: BESIDE

44 Clued in: AWARE

45 Glum: MOPEY

48 Crown: APEX

49 Food __: after-eating drowsiness: COMA

50 Come down hard: TEEM

51 FDA output: STDS

52 Throw into the mix: ADD

53 "The lie that enables us to realize the truth": Picasso: ART

55 Volcano center? CEE

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