LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 31 December 2017

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Los Angeles Times 31 December 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 31 December 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Turn in the box: ATBAT

6 Pour out forcefully: SPEW

10 Sailing: ASEA

14 Dip providing potassium, for short: GUAC

18 Drink with an umbrella: MAITAI

20 Scat legend, familiarly: ELLA

21 Diamond slip-up: BALK

22 Austen classic: EMMA

23 *Menace to society: PUBLICENEMY

25 *Old-school letters: SNAILMAIL

27 A or Angel: ALER

28 "Immediately, if not sooner!": ASAP

30 Jeweler's assortment: RINGS

31 Doc's orders: MEDS

34 Ryan in a 1998 film, e.g.: Abbr.: PVT

36 Macho guys: HEMEN

38 Party animals? STAGS

42 BWI posting: ETA

43 Word on a wanted poster: ALIAS

45 Canine protection: ENAMEL

47 Prefix with polis: ACRO

48 Kind of milk or sauce: SOY

49 *Tropical cocktail: MANGOTANGO

51 Pledged, in a way: TITHED

53 Common FM radio fare: HITSONG

55 Hands over: CEDES

56 Sign off on: AGREETO

57 Bring out: ELICIT

58 "Can I have a __ of your drink?": SIP

59 "That was close!": PHEW

60 Coll. term: SEM

61 Trial version: DEMO

62 Look forward to: AWAIT

64 Coolly dispassionate: CLINICAL

66 MLB stat: ERA

68 *Neckwear for which Mr. T was once famous (but no longer wears): GOLDCHAIN

70 Issue opener? NON

71 They're sold as is: USEDCARS

73 Choral composition: MOTET

74 Former Laker star Lamar: ODOM

77 Manhattan suffix: ITE

78 Partner: MATE

79 Pine __: TAR

80 Spot on a horse: DAPPLE

82 Not insist on payment of, as a debt: FORGIVE

84 Weasel-like animal also called a honey badger: RATEL

87 Pirate's ship: CORSAIR

88 Hydrocodone, e.g.: OPIATE

89 *Hobby shop purchase: MODELPLANE

91 "__ Got a Secret": old game show: IVE

92 Hemsworth of "The Hunger Games": LIAM

93 Justice replaced by Gorsuch: SCALIA

95 Major artery: AORTA

96 Zilch: NIL

97 Broad valleys: DALES

99 Divvy up: ALLOT

100 Part of Q and A: Abbr.: ANS

101 "By Jove!": ISAY

102 "Gone With the Wind" family name: OHARA

104 Nothing to write home about: SOSO

107 Loads: ATON

109 *Deluge: HEAVYRAIN

113 Remote region ... and what literally ends each answer to a starred clue: WILDCOUNTRY

118 Wheel connector: AXLE

119 "In that case ... ": IFSO

120 Leg up: EDGE

121 Body shop application: PRIMER

122 Close by: NEAR

123 Legal document: DEED

124 What Jack Sprat's wife couldn't eat: LEAN

125 Factions: SECTS


1 Power-increasing gadget: AMP

2 19th Greek letter: TAU

3 Lobster eater's accessory: BIB

4 Aid in planning a trip: ATLAS

5 Follow: TAIL

6 One percent of a D.C. group— or the group itself: SEN

7 Earnest request: PLEA

8 O’Neill’s “Desire Under the __”: ELMS

9 Winning by a mile: WAYAHEAD

10 Six-pack set: ABS

11 Italian Riviera resort: SANREMO

12 Friend of Jerry, George and Cosmo: ELAINE

13 Comparable: AKIN

14 Idaho nickname: GEMSTATE

15 Actress Thurman: UMA

16 Brest friend: AMI

17 Silent __: White House nickname: CAL

19 Factory with frozen assets: ICEPLANT

24 “Dr.” with MVP awards: EIVING

26 Some smartphones: LGS

29 Rigatoni alternative: PENNE

31 Fit together: MESHED

32 French star: ETOILE

33 *Soap, often: DAYTIMESERIAL

35 Playground game: TAG

37 Fancy wheels: MAGS

39 *Flu symptoms: ACHESANDPAINS

40 Storybook sister: GRETEL

41 Doomed biblical city: SODOM

43 Mine, in Metz: AMOI

44 Church gatherings: SOCIALS

46 Three-star mil. officer: LTGEN

50 Hardly gung-ho: TEPID

52 "Crocodile Hunter" Steve __: IRWIN

54 Brahms creation: SCORE

56 "Ooh! I know this! Gimme __": AHINT

58 Promised: SWORE

59 Tradesperson: PLIER

62 Type type: AGATE

63 Channel for film buffs: TCM

64 Tree with long beanlike pods: CATALPA

65 Houses with layers: COOPS

67 Fess up: ADMIT

69 Monopoly piece: HOTEL

71 Word from the Greek for "not a place': UTOPIA

72 Succumbs to pressure: CAVES

75 Singer Newton-John: OLIVIA

76 Just: MERELY

77 Music to a bluffer's ears: IFOLD

80 "Keep going!": DONTSTOP

81 Square measurement: AREA

83 Words a pinball wizard hates to see: GAMEOVER

84 Hot streak: ROLL

85 "So long, José": ADIOS

86 Kitchen cloth: TEATOWEL

87 "The Tonight Show" character with a turban: CARNAC

89 Vague unease: MALAISE

90 Mauna __: LOA

94 Wine choice: CARAFE

98 Short: SHY

101 Navel type: INNIE

103 Extremely dry: ARID

105 Debate team, for example: SIDE

106 Gymnast Korbut: OLGA

108 Yours and mine: OURS

109 Solo in "Star Wars": HAN

110 PC file suffix: EXE

111 SEC powerhouse: ALA

112 Drop off: NOD

114 Man cave setting: DEN

115 HBO competitor: TMC

116 Collecting Soc. Sec.: IET

117 What birthday candles represent: Abbr.: YRS

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