LA Times Crossword answers Monday 31 December 2018

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Los Angeles Times 31 December 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 31 December 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Actress Vardalos: NIA

4 Chapel vow: IDO

7 Fine apparel: ATTIRE

13 Bird that gives a hoot: OWL

14 Stock horror film servant: IGOR

15 Came down and spoiled the picnic: RAINED

16 Open __ night: MIC

17 Persistent ache: NAGGINGPAIN

19 Ski resort feature: SLOPE

21 Self-defense spray: MACE

22 Fey of "Date Night": TINA

23 Window section: GLASSPANE

25 D.C. pro: POL

26 Yard sale caveat: ASIS

27 Bar for circus swingers: TRAPEZE

31 Long-faced: SULLEN

34 Tire, with "out": WEAR

35 Controlled Substances Act org.: DEA

36 Hyde Park buggy: PRAM

37 Madison Ave. pro: ADMAN

39 Main point: GIST

40 Lincoln or Ford: CAR

41 Poker variety: STUD

42 Lawn service company that merged with TruGreen: SCOTTS

44 Fairbanks resident: ALASKAN

46 Period of prosperity: BOOM

47 Windy City train org.: CTA

48 Heartthrob in the band One Direction: LIAMPAYNE

53 Off-kilter: AWRY

55 Fuzzy green plant that grows on rocks: MOSS

56 Dimwit: IDIOT

57 "Common Sense" author: THOMASPAINE

60 Down Under bird: EMU

61 Make pure, as sugar: REFINE

62 Maker of Aspire laptops: ACER

63 Young fellow: LAD

64 Show up at: ATTEND

65 Winter hrs. in Minneapolis: CST

66 Beats by __: audio equipment brand: DRE


1 Chinese menu assurance: NOMSG

2 Volunteer's words: IWILL

3 Reynolds Wrap maker: ALCOA

4 Grocery chain letters: IGA

5 Rigid beliefs: DOGMAS

6 Church instrument: ORGAN

7 Obama Education secretary Duncan: ARNE

8 Garment label: TAG

9 First-rate: TIPTOP

10 "Aced that test!": INAILEDIT

11 Horse rider's strap: REIN

12 Writer Ferber: EDNA

14 Actually existing: Lat.: INESSE

18 Summer pitcherful: ICETEA

20 Biblical song: PSALM

24 Whacked gift holder: PINATA

25 Links standard: PAR

28 Coerced payment: RANSOM

29 Citrus peel: ZEST

30 Puts away dishes? EATS

31 Animal welfare org.: SPCA

32 Eurasian border river: URAL

33 "Tomb Raider" heroine: LARACROFT

34 Iraq War armament: Abbr.: WMD

38 Big name in tires: DUNLOP

39 Lose one's marbles: GOMAD

41 Jamaican music genre: SKA

43 Paper jam site: COPIER

45 Thwart: STYMIE

46 Nuts and bolts: BASICS

49 Sir __ Newton: ISAAC

50 Give ground: YIELD

51 Red Sox great Garciaparra: NOMAR

52 Practice piece: ETUDE

53 Razor brand: ATRA

54 Spark, as an appetite: WHET

55 Grad. degree for teachers: MSED

58 Landers of letters: ANN

59 Driving range barrier: NET

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