LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 31 December 2020

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Los Angeles Times 31 December 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 31 December 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Potential fodder in a libel lawsuit, briefly: BADPR

6 Sackcloth material: HEMP

10 Reduces, as glare: DIMS

14 Lexus competitor: ACURA

15 Avocado shape: OVAL

16 "Stress cannot exist in the presence of __": Mamet: APIE

17 Birder's gear: BINOCULARS

19 Afghan constitution? YARN

20 Newspaper VIPs: EDS

21 Possessed by Shakespeare? HADST

22 Bathroom fixture: BIDET

23 Overwhelm: AWE

24 "Young Sheldon" star Armitage: IAIN

26 Laundry cycle: RINSE

30 California county where Fort Bragg is: MENDOCINO

35 Nonalcoholic beer brand: ODOULS

37 Crimson, e.g.: RED

38 What the nose knows: ODOR

39 Soft mineral: TALC

40 Mortar and pestle stone: AGATE

42 Sports org. whose name once included "Lawn": USTA

43 Shoot the breeze: CHAT

44 Bon __: MOT

45 Upset, as a plan: DERAIL

47 Barrier-breaking report: SONICBOOM

50 Eye sores: STYES

51 Scandinavian royal name: OLAF

52 Apr. addressee: IRS

54 Fogg's creator: VERNE

57 Count with a band: BASIE

59 "That __ close!": WAS

62 Lindros in the Hockey Hall of Fame: ERIC

63 State capital about 100 miles from Sacramento: CARSONCITY

65 Prego alternative: RAGU

66 Polar chunk: FLOE

67 Items that can circulate or be tossed ... as illustrated in this puzzle's six sets of circles: COINS

68 "Don't dawdle!": ASAP

69 Bygone GM line: OLDS

70 Ryegrass fungus: ERGOT


1 Innocent: BABE

2 Prilosec target: ACID

3 Hassles for payment: DUNS

4 In favor of: PRO

5 Ray who hosts the Yum-o! virtual cooking camp: RACHAEL

6 Poker variety: HOLDEM

7 Mendes and Gabor: EVAS

8 Taskmaster: MARTINET

9 Letters from a polite texter: PLS

10 Chance to plead one's case: DAYINCOURT

11 Tablet at a Genius Bar: IPAD

12 Boggy area: MIRE

13 Posted: SENT

18 Assembly line gp.: UAW

22 Prefix with mass: BIO

25 Went on to say: ADDED

26 University mil. programs: ROTCS

27 Twin Falls' state: IDAHO

28 "Dunkirk" director Christopher: NOLAN

29 Tip of a toy arrow, often: SUCTIONCUP

31 Muse of poetry: ERATO

32 "My guess is ... ": IDSAY

33 Casual remark? NOTIE

34 Intense exams: ORALS

36 Latin steps: SAMBA

41 Cut-up: GOOFBALL

46 Bottom line: ESSENCE

48 The Cavs, on ESPN crawls: CLE

49 Air balls, e.g.: MISSES

53 __ Grande: RIO

54 __ Bradley bags: VERA

55 Named stretches: ERAS

56 Latvian seaport: RIGA

58 J.Lo's partner: AROD

59 Kristen of 2016's "Ghostbusters": WIIG

60 8 for O, e.g.: ATNO

61 Betting aid: Abbr.: SYST

63 Fiscal exec: CFO

64 __ anglais: English horn: COR

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