LA Times Crossword answers Friday 31 December 2021

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Los Angeles Times 31 December 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 31 December 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Feel compassion (for): ACHE

5 Uncomfortable spot: ZIT

8 Focus on winning a contest? STARE

13 Arctic trout: CHAR

14 Word with rock or rain: ACID

16 "The Thunder Dragon Kingdom": BHUTAN

17 Magazine article? TIMEPIECE

19 Pitching in: AIDING

20 Egyptian leader before Sadat: NASSER

21 Hockey trophy namesake: ARTROSS

23 Go (for): OPT

24 Magazine employee? PEOPLEPERSON

28 Fail to hold it together: WEEP

30 Iris part: PETAL

31 Japanese national sport: SUMO

32 Enter noisily: TROMPIN

35 Swear: ATTEST

37 Magazine revenue? WIREDMONEY

40 Submit: ACCEDE

43 FBI director before Comey: MUELLER

46 Atomic theory pioneer: BOHR

47 Blues and Jazz, e.g.: TEAMS

50 Days of anticipation: EVES

52 Magazine ad? CRICKETPITCH

56 "__ had enough!": IVE

57 Supreme Court appointee between Stevens and Scalia: OCONNOR

58 Firm up: HARDEN

60 Captures: SNARES

61 Magazine founders? OPIONEERS

64 See to: HANDLE

65 Shaving mishap: NICK

66 Chip in? ANTE

67 Baker's starter component: YEAST

68 Look at intently: EYE

69 Certain survivor's malady, for short: PTSD


1 Commercial imperative: ACTNOW

2 Growing fad? CHIAPET

3 Pet with cheek pouches: HAMSTER

4 "__ Tu": 1974 hit: ERES

5 Democratic Republic of the Congo, once: ZAIRE

6 __ the kicker: call a time-out moments before a field goal attempt: ICE

7 Facial spasm: TIC

8 Overseas county: SHIRE

9 Like Leeds Castle, architecturally: TUDORSTYLE

10 Contested: ATISSUE

11 Coerced payments: RANSOMS

12 Lang. of Belize: ENG

15 Passed out: DEALT

16 Sight in the skies above Gotham: BATPLANE

18 Cheerleading asset: PEP

22 Blues-rocker Chris: REA

25 Role for Ronny: OPIE

26 Remain undecided: PEND

27 "I was being sarcastic!": NOT

29 Sources of juice: POWERCORDS

33 Fielder prefix: MID

34 False purpose: PRETENSE

36 __ Aviv: TEL

38 First year of the next millennium: MMMI

39 Get rid of: OUST

40 Robin Roberts' network: ABC

41 Solar eclipse phenomena: CORONAE

42 Certain Mexican-American: CHICANA

44 Clear: EVIDENT

45 Goes back: REVERTS

48 WWII command: ETO

49 Protective garment: APRON

51 Intuited: SENSED

53 Prepared to speak to a tot, maybe: KNELT

54 Fail in the clutch: CHOKE

55 Chewie's pal: HAN

59 Gather: REAP

60 Short: SHY

62 Treat on March 14: PIE

63 Not very welcoming: ICY

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