LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 31 January 2018

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Los Angeles Times 31 January 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 31 January 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Heist: ROB

4 Pasta nutrient: CARB

8 Archie Bunker types: BIGOTS

14 Statement softener, in emails: IMO

15 Command to Silver: HIYO

16 Shangri-la: UTOPIA

17 Five-time NBA championship-winning coach: PATRILEY

19 Find hilarious: ROARAT

20 No votes: ANTIS

21 Half an oz.? ZEE

23 Olympian Lipinski: TARA

24 German wheels: OPELS

27 Seize the opportunity, sunshinewise: MAKEHAY

29 Same old story: FAMILIARTUNE

32 Metal corrosion: RUST

33 Part of a biathlete's gear: SKI

34 2017 award for Emma Stone: OSCAR

38 Yale email address ender: EDU

39 Finger painting? NAILART

42 "Deadwood" channel: HBO

43 A little lit: TIPSY

45 Hellenic "H": ETA

46 All hands on deck: CREW

47 Captain's choice at the Super Bowl: HEADSORTAILS

51 Italian rice dish: RISOTTO

54 Transparent soap brand: PEARS

55 "I'm __ you!": ONTO

56 "Hunh!?": WHA

58 Harvard's is "Veritas": MOTTO

61 Excited reply to "Who wants dessert?": IDOIDO

63 Hiker's snack that's literally found in 17-, 29-, 39- and 47-Across: TRAILMIX

66 Evening meal: DINNER

67 John known for overlapping diagrams: VENN

68 Loved, with "up": ATE

69 Agrees: SAYSOK

70 Air Quality Index factor: SMOG

71 Owen, to Stephen King: SON


1 Morning co-host with Seacrest: RIPA

2 Muscat's country: OMAN

3 "Cheers!": BOTTOMSUP

4 Sculptor's tool: CHISEL

5 Be under the weather: AIL

6 Grass in a J.D. Salinger title: RYE

7 R&B's __ II Men: BOYZ

8 Part of a bedroom set: BUREAU

9 "What am __ do?": ITO

10 Buffalo Bill and Charles Dickens wore them: GOATEES

11 "60 Minutes" part-time correspondent: OPRAH

12 Prom queen's crown: TIARA

13 Thai snack: SATAY

18 Hit the ball hard: RIPIT

22 Defib expert: EMT

25 Bart's brainy sibling: LISA

26 Munro pen name: SAKI

28 Pretzel shape: KNOT

29 Ridge on a neck: FRET

30 German wheels: AUDI

31 Makes mad: RILES

35 Present time? CHRISTMAS

36 Eve's second: ABEL

37 Theater seating arrangements: ROWS

39 Putin's no: NYET

40 Perched on: ATOP

41 Like a double eagle in golf: RARE

44 Sure victors: SHOOINS

46 35-Down song: CAROL

48 On the clock: ATWORK

49 "How stupid am I?!": DOH

50 Title job for Shakespeare's Petruchio: TAMING

51 PEDs, in slang: ROIDS

52 "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" locale: INDIA

53 Poker-faced: STONY

57 Off-rd. transports: ATVS

59 Bandleader Puente: TITO

60 Team on a field: OXEN

62 __ volente: DEO

64 Sleep phase: REM

65 Mexican year: ANO

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