LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 31 January 2019

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Los Angeles Times 31 January 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 31 January 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Word that appears four times in a 1963 film title: MAD

4 Roof tiles: SLATES

10 Deadens, as a piano string: DAMPS

15 Media agcy.: UPI

16 Roadster in the Henry Ford Museum: MODELA

17 How sardines are packed: INOIL

18 Mythical bird: ROC

19 With 63-Across, ending lines of a poem by 72-Across: ANDMILESTOGO

21 Hydrocarbon group: ALKYL

23 1995-2006 New York governor George: PATAKI

24 Alice Sebold novel, with "The": LOVELYBONES

27 The W in kWh: WATT

31 Athlete's peak performance: AGAME

32 Wines and dines: REGALES

34 Thrill: BANG

36 Credits list: CAST

39 Place for spectacles: ARENA

40 __ Navy: discount retailer: OLD

41 Harmful spells, in the Potterverse: DARKARTS

44 Gen-__: XER

45 Like universal blood donors: OTYPE

47 Nantes notion: IDEE

48 Drill parts: BITS

49 Symbolized: TOKENED

52 Roof features: EAVES

54 WWI battle river: YSER

55 Really cool place? DEEPFREEZER

60 "Indubitably!": ITISSO

62 Hot pot spot: STOVE

63 See 19-Across: BEFOREISLEEP

68 __ Van Winkle: RIP

69 Tolkien ringbearer: FRODO

70 Tell: RELATE

71 Sheep's call: BAA

72 Poet who used the starts of 24-, 41- and 55-Across to describe the woods: FROST

73 Old-Timers' Day VIP: EXSTAR

74 Unspecified amount: ANY


1 Diego Rivera creation: MURAL

2 Speed skater Ohno: APOLO

3 "Mary Poppins" and "Mary Poppins Returns" actor: DICKVANDYKE

4 Component of the "at" sign: SMALLA

5 Chaney of horror: LON

6 Toss in: ADD

7 Beat: TEMPO

8 Cuban boy in 2000 headlines: ELIAN

9 One curing meat: SALTER

10 Saucer, e.g.: DISK

11 Like many '60s-'70s protests: ANTIWAR

12 __ juice: MOO

13 Trough guy: PIG

14 Road sign caution: SLO

20 Move gently: EASE

22 Safecracker: YEGG

25 Initial disco hit? YMCA

26 Smokey, for one: BEAR

28 1964 Anthony Quinn role: ALEXISZORBA

29 Religious belief: TENET

30 Dynasts of old Russia: TSARS

33 What H, O or N may represent: GAS

34 Pirate riches: BOOTY

35 Choir group: ALTOS

37 __ lift: SKI

38 Tiny bit: TAD

41 Lair: DEN

42 Great Barrier __: REEF

43 Hot streak: TEAR

46 Stretches: PERIODS

48 Sweet root: BEET

50 Actress Falco: EDIE

51 Itch: DESIRE

53 Evening star: VESPER

56 Southend-on-Sea's county: ESSEX

57 Focus group surveys: POLLS

58 Water brand: EVIAN

59 Give back: REPAY

61 Harness race pace: TROT

63 Fave pal: BFF

64 Be in the wrong: ERR

65 Egg __ yung: FOO

66 "Mangia!": EAT

67 Zeta follower: ETA

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