LA Times Crossword answers Friday 31 January 2020

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Los Angeles Times 31 January 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 31 January 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Really big show: SMASH

6 Sharp bark: YELP

10 Software product with a cup-and-saucer logo: JAVA

14 Addresses: TALKS

15 Maintain: AVER

16 Australian __: OPEN

17 __ Marbles: historic sculptures: ELGIN

18 Serious warnings: REDALERTS

20 Narrow range: ATOB

21 Cornerstone phrase: ANNODO

22 Plunders: MARAUDS

24 Upper-class San Francisco area: NOBHILL

29 In a humiliating way: IGNO

30 -: OUSLY

31 Old JFK lander: SST

33 Takes pieces from? UNARMS

38 Beast hunted in Hercules' fourth labor: BOAR

39 Can. sign letters: KPH

40 Hotel room amenity ... or one of the configurations that resolve four puzzle answers: MINIBAR

42 Fr. title: MME

43 Arizona city: YUMA

45 Horn of Africa native: SOMALI

46 W. alliance since 1948: OAS

47 Resident at Ottawa's 24 Sussex Drive: PRIME

49 -: STER

51 Added numbers: ENCORES

54 Unwitting tool: CATSPAW

57 Little versions: ATURES

59 Smoothie seed: CHIA

60 "Cosmos" presenter: CARLSAGAN

64 Baker's tool: WHISK

65 Mayberry moppet: OPIE

66 1920s chief justice: TAFT

67 Binary pronoun: HESHE

68 2001 Microsoft debut: XBOX

69 Span. titles: SRAS

70 Financial guru Suze: ORMAN


1 Cook, as bao buns: STEAM

2 Smallest European Union nation: MALTA

3 Like search engine ranking systems: ALGORITHMIC

4 Winter luggage item: SKIBAG

5 QVC sister station: HSN

6 Tall tales: YARNS

7 Tied: EVEN

8 Deceived: LEDON

9 Museum with Goyas: PRADO

10 10-Across: JOE

11 Boston Marathon mo.: APR

12 Boxer's fixer: VET

13 "Jeopardy!" ques., actually: ANS

19 Timber wolf: LOBO

21 Dreamboat: ADONIS

23 One for the money? UNUM

25 Center: HUB

26 Type of mathematical equivalence: ISOMORPHISM

27 Parent of a cria: LLAMA

28 Minstrel strings: LYRES

31 FaceTime alternative: SKYPE

32 Disdainfully reject: SPURN

34 "I'll take that as __": ANO

35 Canyon edge: RIM

36 Wharton deg.: MBA

37 Latin dances: SALSAS

41 "Norma Rae" director: RITT

44 Latin trio word: AMO

48 Jazz and Swing: ERAS

50 Artist known for optical illusions: ESCHER

52 Les __-Unis: ETATS

53 10-Down sweetener: SUGAR

54 Euro fractions: CENTS

55 Tyler of "Criminal Minds": AISHA

56 Rouse: WAKEN

58 Tennis nickname: RAFA

60 Crew chief: COX

61 PD heads-up: APB

62 Kia subcompact: RIO

63 Latin law: LEX

64 Dr. Seuss' Cindy-Lou, e.g.: WHO

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