LA Times Crossword answers Monday 31 January 2022

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Los Angeles Times 31 January 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 31 January 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Relaxing retreat: SPA

4 Picket line crosser: SCAB

8 Tied, as sneakers: LACED

13 Work like heck: TOIL

15 Arrived: CAME

16 Old piano key material: IVORY

17 European car brand that sounds sort of like a Western greeting: AUDI

18 Ordered like dictionary words: ALPHABETIC

20 *The Bible's golden calf, e.g.: GRAVENIMAGE

22 Sound of fear: EEK

23 Roadside haven: INN

24 About 1/2000th of a euro, in 2002: LIRA

26 *Giving a higher mark than students deserve: GRADEINFLATION

33 Slimy substance: GOO

34 Dolphin family "killer": ORCA

35 Inventor Otis: ELISHA

36 Roman moon goddess: LUNA

38 Tease: KID

40 Site of Napoleon's exile: ELBA

41 Where Amin ruled: UGANDA

44 Puffin relatives: AUKS

47 Geological time span: EON

48 *It's not always the same as one's assigned sex at birth: GENDERIDENTITY

51 What a coach gives a base runner: SIGN

52 Corn unit: EAR

53 Suffix with script: URE

56 *Intuition, often: GUTINSTINCT

62 Cape Cod and Baja: PENINSULAS

64 Former Neet rival: NAIR

65 Two in a deck: DEUCE

66 Evening, in ads: NITE

67 Required bet: ANTE

68 Rubbed out, gang-style: OFFED

69 NBA conference: EAST

70 USO show audience ... and a hint to the answers to starred clues: GIS


1 Male deer: STAG

2 Serve the wine, say: POUR

3 Verdi classic: AIDA

4 Medical diagnostic device: SCANNER

5 Colombian metropolis: CALI

6 Alarm clock toggle: AMPM

7 On __ of: representing: BEHALF

8 Loose, like a translation: LIBERAL

9 D.C.'s Pennsylvania, e.g.: AVE

10 Pigeon shelter: COTE

11 Shallowest Great Lake: ERIE

12 Flemish painter Sir Anthony van __: DYCK

14 Wife of Augustus: LIVIA

19 Light-footed: AGILE

21 Prefix with scope: ENDO

25 "It's __": "Nobody wins": ATIE

26 Charge triple, say: GOUGE

27 Journalist Farrow: RONAN

28 "Disgusting!": ICK

29 Water nymph: NAIAD

30 Speck in the ocean: ISLET

31 "That's exciting!": OHBOY

32 Indian bread: NAAN

33 Water cooler sound: GLUG

37 "No ifs, __ or buts": ANDS

39 Payable now: DUE

42 Condescended: DEIGNED

43 Jason's shipbuilder: ARGUS

45 Israeli parliament: KNESSET


49 On key: INTUNE

50 Russian supermodel Shayk: IRINA

53 High hairstyle: UPDO

54 Great Barrier __: REEF

55 Plenty, phonetically: ENUF

57 Pelvic bones: ILIA

58 D.C. baseball team: NATS

59 Vietnam's Da __: NANG

60 Banking giant: CITI

61 Uno y dos: TRES

63 Rapper __ Cube: ICE

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