LA Times Crossword answers Monday 31 July 2017

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Los Angeles Times 31 July 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 31 July 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Outdoor party area: PATIO

6 Hot tub: SPA

9 In-the-wall security devices: SAFES

14 Andes beast of burden: LLAMA

15 Fox foot: PAW

16 Flashy display: ECLAT

17 Popular pool game: EIGHTBALL

19 Pretense: GUISE

20 Sneaks out after being grounded, say: DISOBEYS

21 Spinach-eating sailor: POPEYE

22 College dorm VIPs: RAS

23 Loo: LAV

24 Blame for the crime: RAP

25 Capital One's "What's in your wallet?," e.g.: SLOGAN

29 Great Wall continent: ASIA

31 Singer Rimes: LEANN

32 Nearly: JUSTABOUT

37 Eduardo's eight: OCHO

38 Brown-toned photo: SEPIA

39 Crowd silence: HUSH

40 Bulletin board sticker: THUMBTACK

42 Doone of Exmoor: LORNA

43 Israeli statesman Abba: EBAN

44 Poland's capital: WARSAW

45 Sophs, two yrs. later: SRS

48 Milk buys: Abbr.: QTS

49 Kernel holder: COB

50 Bernadette of "Into the Woods": PETERS

52 Surprise winner of fable: TORTOISE

57 Japanese mushroom: ENOKI

58 Cause of wood splinters in the infield ... and what each set of puzzle circles represents: BROKENBAT

59 Hollywood VIP: CELEB

60 Tibetan beast of burden: YAK

61 Barely enough: SCANT

62 Garden plantings: SEEDS

63 Ambulance initials: EMS

64 Short and not so sweet: TERSE


1 Asked earnestly (for): PLED

2 Et __: and others: ALII

3 Clothing price sites: TAGS

4 Texter's "If you ask me": IMHO

5 Healthful cereal: OATBRAN

6 Neuters: SPAYS

7 Buddies: PALS

8 Punching tool: AWL

9 Classical guitarist AndrĊ½s: SEGOVIA

10 __ of coffee: ACUP

11 Advertising handout: FLIER

12 No-sweat grade: EASYA

13 Precipitous: STEEP

18 Lima or fava: BEAN

21 Linguine or tortellini: PASTA

23 Eye surgery acronym: LASIK

25 One in a casino row: SLOT

26 Peace Nobelist Walesa: LECH

27 Honolulu's island: OAHU

28 Pointy-hatted garden decoration: GNOME

30 Detest: ABHOR

32 Lees on your legs: JEANS

33 Scannable mdse. bars: UPC

34 For us: OURS

35 Pres. Carter's alma mater: USNA

36 Unfreeze: THAW

38 Runs, hits and errors: STATS

41 Backyard beef on the bone, briefly: BBQRIBS

42 Doctor's order: LABTEST

44 Employment: WORK

45 Project details, for short: SPECS

46 Actress Zellweger: RENEE

47 Took badly? STOLE

49 Broth-spoiling excess? COOKS

51 Barely managed, with "out": EKED

52 Theme park transport: TRAM

53 At a former time: ONCE

54 Letter-shaped beam: IBAR

55 Without, in France: SANS

56 Suffix with kitchen: ETTE

58 "Ciao!": BYE

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