LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 31 March 2019

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Los Angeles Times 31 March 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 31 March 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Tricks that treat: MAGIC

6 Dal’ contemporary: ARP

9 Shame: ABASH

14 Corp. bigwigs: CFOS

18 Raspy-voiced Cooper: ALICE

19 Protein provider: MEAT

21 Evergreen bean: CACAO

22 Road division: LANE

23 Bar mitzvah celebratory drink? MAZELTOVCOCKTAIL

26 "Roots" author Haley: ALEX

27 Current gauge: AMMETER

28 Body wrap venue: SPA

29 Jed Clampett, for one: HILLBILLY

31 Sault Ste. Marie's __ Locks: SOO

32 "That __ fact!": ISA

33 Ring ruling: TKO

35 Two in a canoe: OARS

36 Incompetent drivers? SCHLEMIELSONWHEELS

44 Seaweed product: AGAR

47 Howard of old comedy films: MOE

48 Hereditary ruler: DYNAST

49 Thumbs-up letters: AOK

50 Where decent people buy decent clothes at honest prices? MENSCHSTORE

55 Lay idle: SAT

56 Light sparkling wine: ASTI

57 Lodging with a "keeper": INN

58 Bank job: HEIST

59 Collectible print, briefly: LITHO

61 Dark marks: BLOTS

62 Stranger things: EXOTICA

64 Officer Kalakaua's group, familiarly: FIVEO

65 Rainforest vine: LIANA

66 Cream cheese promotion? SCHMEARCAMPAIGN

70 Sapling support: STAKE

72 Coordinate (with): TIEIN

73 Traffic warning signal: FLASHEI

77 Means of access: DOORS

78 Trouble from all sides: BESET

79 Gumbo thickeners: OKRAS

81 Label for some Elton John albums: MCA

82 Son of Seth: ENOS

83 Web address letters: URL

84 Trash-talking broadcaster? SCHLOCKJOCK

87 Pickable point: NIT

88 Confounded: DARNED

91 Joey's mom: DOE

92 "Gotcha": ISEE

93 Trudged through a nudist camp? SCHLEPPEDINTHEBUFF

99 Sport with mallets: POLO

100 Metric introduction? GEO

101 Blood classification letters: ABO

102 Tubular pasta, for short: MAC

105 U.K. utility cost limitations: PRICECAPS

110 Blow away: AWE

112 Sufi Muslim ascetic: DERVISH

114 Bull's partner, in a story? COCK

115 Disaster for a figure skater? KLUTZPERFORMANCE

118 Musical diner fixture, for short: JUKE

119 Like Poe pieces: EEIIE

120 It ends at the gutter: IOOF

121 Choir voices: ALTOS

122 Nap: REST

123 __ Haute: TEIRE

124 Letters on a Sun Bum container: SPF

125 Scientific methods: TESTS


1 Some baby rockers: MAMAS

2 Legendary mission: ALAMO

3 Rube Goldberg device, e.g.: GIZMO

4 Brand written in frosty letters: ICEE

5 Irish musical ensemble __ Woman: CELTIC

6 Unprincipled: AMORAL

7 Short spin? REV

8 D.C. fundraisers: PACS

9 "That's awful!": ACK

10 Whole or half home unit: BATH

11 Smoothie berry: ACAI

12 Wind catcher: SAIL

13 Valleys: HOLLOWS

14 Danes of "Homeland": CLAIRE

15 When many TV shows debut: FALLSEASON

16 Like Nash's lama: ONEL

17 Steamy: SEXY

20 Of the highest quality: TOPTIER

24 "A Deeper Faith" musician: TESH

25 It's iced and sliced: CAKE

30 Thai currency: BAHT

34 Overused, jokewise: OLD

36 Yearbook gp.: SRS

37 Ambulance pros: EMTS

38 Of no consequence: MOOT

39 Bettor's strategy: SYSTEM

40 After one bounce, in baseball lingo: ONAHOP

41 Warsaw Pact counterpart: NATO

42 Host of, in slang: LOTTA

43 Slope gear: SKIS

44 Francois's friend: AMIE

45 Millennials' folks: GENX

46 A year in Caesar's time: ANNO

51 Peepers: CHICKS

52 Anne of 1998's "Psycho": HECHE

53 "The King and I" kingdom: SIAM

54 Brings out: ELICITS

56 Arkin and Menken: ALANS

60 "Terrible" despot: IVAN

61 No small favor: BIGASK

63 60-Down et al.: TSARS

64 Given away: FREE

65 Fragrant shrub: LILAC

67 Endless, in verse: ETERNE

68 Organized like big stores: AISLED

69 Jimi Hendrix do: AFRO

70 Drive-in with skating carhops: SONIC

71 Sticks with the Swedish meatballs: TOOTHPICKS

74 Med. group options: HMOS

75 Behold, to Pilate: ECCE

76 Dirt smoother: IAKE

77 Red fox holes: DENS

78 Possible result of swallowing air: BURP

79 "Didn't expect that": OHOH

80 Swiss painter Paul: KLEE

85 Jewel case storage unit: CDTOWEI

86 Peter Pan rival: JIF

88 Editor's mark: DELE

89 "... __ full of rye": APOCKET

90 Archaeological site: DIG

94 Tiny portrait holder: LOCKET

95 Type of tide: NEAP

96 In money trouble, say: BADOFF

97 It dropped "Cab" from its name in 2011: UBER

98 Document details: FORMAT

102 Diner freebies: MINTS

103 Tied accessory: ASCOT

104 Game with a mate: CHESS

105 '80s IBM flop nicknamed "Peanut": PCJR

106 Don Juan: ROUE

107 Mariner's direction: ALEE

108 Sound from a lynx's larynx: PUII

109 To-do: STIR

111 God with a bow: EROS

113 Poetic lowland: VALE

116 Slice of pizza? ZEE

117 Dandy: FOP

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