LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 31 March 2021

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Los Angeles Times 31 March 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 31 March 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Toronto Raptors president of basketball operations __ Ujiri: MASAI

6 "Ditto!": SOAMI

11 Qatar's capital: DOHA

15 Largest members of the dolphin family: ORCAS

16 B's equivalent: CFLAT

17 Iridescent gem: OPAL

18 2010s sci-fi crime drama starring Michael Emerson: PERSONOFINTEREST

21 Two after epsilon: ETA

22 Full Sail offering: ALE

23 "Rats!": DANG

24 Completed in haste: DOWNANDDIRTY

30 Bill collection? WAD

32 Diva's numbers: SOLOS

33 Stalls: BUYSTIME

35 NBA official: REF

37 "I'll skip it": PASS

38 Noodle output? IDEA

39 Equine sprinter: QUARTERHORSE

42 Leave speechless: STUN

44 "Silly me!": OOPS

45 Discouraging words: NOS

46 NBC drama with two pronouns in its title: THISISUS

48 Brass in parades: TUBAS

52 Name that's also a Roman numeral: LIV

53 Pull-and-peel food item: STRINGCHEESE

57 Dresden denial: NEIN

59 Castle queenside, in chess notation: OOO

60 "Atonement" author McEwan: IAN

61 "Start at the beginning," and a hint to the four other longest Across answers: FIRSTTHINGSFIRST

67 Smoothie berry: ACAI

68 Traffic cop? NARCO

69 More loyal: TRUER

70 Ping-Pong supplies: NETS

71 Kids: TYKES

72 Showing one's claws, so to speak: CATTY


1 Fuel-efficient bikes: MOPEDS

2 Playground rebuttal: ARETOO

3 Prescription, to a layperson? SCRAWL

4 Remote batteries: AAS

5 Prefix with metric: ISO

6 Take to task: SCOLD

7 Did in: OFFED

8 Whom Clay became: ALI

9 Fellow: MAN

10 Wednesday kin: ITT

11 TV explorer with a monkey named Boots: DORA

12 Hygienist's request: OPENWIDE

13 Can really play: HASGAME

14 Ctrl-__-Del: ALT

19 Photographer Goldin: NAN

20 Freezer aisle brand: EDYS

25 Shutout feature: NORUNS

26 Crossing the pond, say: ASEA

27 Pronoun-shaped girders: IBARS

28 Hurry: RUSH

29 Emmy winner Cicely: TYSON

31 Anti-traffic org.: DEA

34 Crying need: TISSUE

36 Cold coat: FROST

37 __ Challenge: soft drink promotion: PEPSI

39 Shake in fear over: QUIVERAT

40 Series of dates: TOUR

41 With 66-Down, nest egg option: ROTH

42 Cardinal letters: STL

43 Metaphor for a treacherous situation: THINICE

47 Ain't right? ISNT

49 Lebanon's capital: BEIRUT

50 How flatware is usually sold: ASASET

51 Guard at the gate: SENTRY

54 Time being: NONCE

55 "We Got the Beat" group: GOGOS

56 Trig. ratio: COS

58 Goddess with cow's horns: ISIS

61 Ceiling fixture: FAN

62 Big bang letters? TNT

63 Mare's meal: HAY

64 Really bug: IRK

65 Consumer protection org.: FTC

66 See 41-Down: IRA

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