LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 31 March 2022

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Los Angeles Times 31 March 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 31 March 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Day __: SPA

4 Door support: JAMB

8 Keep busy: OCCUPY

14 China shop threat: OAF

15 Native Nebraskan: OTOE

16 Newcomer: ROOKIE

17 Red crawler, perhaps: ANT

18 Patient shopper's reward: SALE

19 Bays, e.g.: INLETS

20 Only way to tackle a 57-Across: PIECEBYPIECE

23 Paper bit: SCRAP

24 __ only: sale caveat: ONETIME

28 Question muttered while tackling a 57-Across: WHYWONTITFIT

32 Modern cash source: ATM

35 Barely flow: SEEP

36 Back nine opener: TENTH

37 Gunk: GOO

38 Jackson Hole's county: TETON

41 Salem's lot?: Abbr.: ORE

42 Frottage artist Max: ERNST

45 13-Downs heard in pairs: IDOS

47 Contacts list no.: TEL

48 Popular theme for 57-Acrosses: NATURESCENES

52 Aptly named "Music From Big Pink" group: THEBAND

53 Enlighten: TEACH

57 Challenge commercialized by mapmaker John Spilsbury circa 1760: JIGSAWPUZZLE

61 Novelist Graham: GREENE

64 Sky-high stunt: LOOP

65 Shade on a beach: TAN

66 Amazon delivery: PARCEL

67 About: ORSO

68 PC rescue key: ESC

69 Outpourings: SPATES

70 First-time biology student, usually: TEEN

71 Friend of Fidel: CHE


1 Cakes not for eating: SOAPS

2 Kind of button or room: PANIC

3 Time-telling word: AFTER

4 Margaret of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey": JOSEPHS

5 Run __: ATAB

6 "Holy __!": MOLY

7 Car talk? BEEP

8 Familiarize: ORIENT

9 Downfall for Narcissus: CONCEIT

10 "Gigi" novelist: COLETTE

11 Usually four-stringed instrument: UKE

12 Peach center: PIT

13 "Without a doubt": YES

21 Crow's cry: CAW

22 Charged particle: ION

25 "__ for You": Dylan song to his first wife: IFNOT

26 British bishop's headdress: MITRE

27 "I Love Lucy" role: ETHEL

29 Up to now: YET

30 Apt adjective for Stuart Little: WEE

31 Eye-related: OPTIC

32 CIA worker: AGENT

33 Synagogue scroll: TORAH

34 Three-card con: MONTE

39 Literary homage: ODE

40 Prefix with binary: NON

43 Sentence focus, grammatically: SUBJECT

44 Newcomer: TRAINEE

46 Attack: SETUPON

49 Marx co-author: ENGELS

50 '60s protest gp.: SDS

51 "Word" with who or me: SEZ

54 Montezuma follower: AZTEC

55 Fail to match: CLASH

56 Therefore: HENCE

58 Dozens and dozens: ALOT

59 Eroded: WORE

60 "The Thinker" has an iconic one: POSE

61 Traveler's aid, briefly: GPS

62 Knock hard: RAP

63 Time capsule time: ERA

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