LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 31 May 2017

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Los Angeles Times 31 May 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 31 May 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Resorts with body wraps: SPAS

5 Hook-shaped ski lift: JBAR

9 Canon setting: FSTOP

14 Formal agreement: PACT

15 Deep sea predator: ORCA

16 PEN/Faulkner, for one: AWARD

17 Wastes away: ATROPHIES

19 Beantown team: CELTS

20 2011 Best Picture Oscar winner: THEKINGSSPEECH

22 Env. insert: ENC

23 Former Mississippi senator Trent: LOTT

24 Post-J.D. degree: LLM

27 Become born-again, perhaps: GETRELIGION

33 Ready for a kick, with "up": TEED

35 Society page word: NEE

36 City bonds, for short: MUNIS

37 United Nations gathering: GENERALASSEMBLY

41 Layer with a hole: OZONE

42 Pocatello sch.: ISU

43 "The Da Vinci Code" priory: SION

44 Self-publishing option: VANITYPRESS

48 Health products chain: GNC

49 One who may converse in Erse: GAEL

50 Top bond rating: AAA

52 Source of the freedoms found at the ends of this puzzle's four other longest answers: FIRSTAMENDMENT

59 Argue with: JAWAT

60 One selling wheels: CARDEALER

61 Online party notice: EVITE

62 Pelee Island's lake: ERIE

63 Zilch: ZERO

64 Decreases in strength: WANES

65 Phone-answering asst.: SECY

66 Social sci. major: ECON


1 Cross words: SPAT

2 Way to go: PATH

3 Farm fraction: ACRE

4 Feed with fuel: STOKE

5 WWE wrestler in the film "Trainwreck": JOHNCENA

6 Naval lockup: BRIG

7 Pocket rockets, at the poker table: ACES

8 Fight, in the sticks: RASSLE

9 Video chat option: FACETIME

10 Trees with fragrant sap: SWEETGUMS

11 Gymnast's powder: TALC

12 Straight: Pref.: ORTH

13 Troopers' gps.: PDS

18 Troubling engine sound: PING

21 D.C. figure: POL

24 No. 2 at the statehouse: LTGOV

25 Talk show host who won "The Celebrity Apprentice" in 2015, familiarly: LEEZA

26 Runners occupying bases: MENON

28 No. in a contacts list: TEL

29 Broadcast again: REAIR

30 With a lot at stake: INBIG

31 Rub __: lubricate: OILON

32 "Bye Bye Bye" boy band: NSYNC

34 Bad-mouth: DENIGRATE

38 Samples again, during cooking: RETASTES

39 Memphis-to-Mobile dir.: SSE

40 "The Partridge Family" actress: SUSANDEY

45 To date: YET

46 Pre-curtain call: PLACES

47 "Smooth Operator" singer: SADE

51 Floor: AMAZE

52 Broad bean: FAVA

53 Triumphant shout: IWIN

54 Stable mother: MARE

55 Old Norse explorer: ERIC

56 Util. bill: ELEC

57 Detective Wolfe: NERO

58 1982 sci-fi film with a 2010 sequel: TRON

59 Passover observer: JEW

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