LA Times Crossword answers Friday 31 May 2019

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Los Angeles Times 31 May 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 31 May 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Just right: APT

4 Some pets, in totspeak: DOGGIES

11 Ronda Rousey's sport, initially: MMA

14 Supporting: FOR

15 Tempting text to a lover: IMALONE

16 McShane of "Deadwood": IAN

17 Short-order bear? FRYINGPANDA

19 Label for some Usher releases: RCA

20 Words from a bell ringer: ITSME

21 Pen part: NIB

22 Continental border river: URAL

23 Coolidge who wasn't president: RITA

24 News item from Hoda Kotb? TODAYSTORY

27 L'Or┼Żal's Voluminous Carbon Black, e.g.: MASCARA

29 Longtime preceder of Johnny? HERES

30 Maurice Sendak/Carole King musical "Really __": ROSIE

33 "__ you clever!": ARENT

34 Skeptical response to "Here's the drink I owe you"? SAYITISNTSODA

38 Apollo's birth island: DELOS

39 Nautical pole: SPRIT

40 Saw: ADAGE

41 At the movies, maybe: ONADATE

46 Element of avant-garde music? DARINGTONE

50 Bird's biological class: AVES

51 Bill distributors: ATMS

52 Detroit labor gp.: UAW

53 Research support: GRANT

54 Sundial marking: III

55 Prosecutor ... or what four long puzzle answers have received? ASSISTANTDA

58 Luke, to Anakin: SON

59 Sign maker's aid: STENCIL

60 Court fig.: ATT

61 "Star Trek" spin-off, briefly: TNG

62 Fish also called sea breams: PORGIES

63 Future 62-Across: ROE


1 Validate: AFFIRM

2 "The quality of mercy is not strain'd" speaker: PORTIA

3 Secret meetings: TRYSTS

4 Order the Beef Wellington, say: DINE

5 Bit of texting shock: OMG

6 Space: GAP

7 Endocrine __: GLAND

8 Ancient region of present-day Turkey: IONIA

9 Not continue past: ENDBY

10 Ahab's milieu: SEA

11 Did the same as: MIRRORED

12 Popular '90s dance: MACARENA

13 Pro with a couch: ANALYST

18 Apple product: IMAC

22 Unborn, after "in": UTERO

24 Unhurried pace: TROT

25 Refreshing place: OASIS

26 Siskiyou County peak: SHASTA

28 Gotten up: ARISEN

31 Many a cable co.: ISP

32 2001 scandal subject: ENRON

34 It puts people out: SEDATION

35 Frightful: ALARMING

36 Ones using asanas: YOGIS

37 Pitchfork part: TINE

38 Arp, for one: DADAIST

42 "Phooey!": DARN

43 Video game figure: AVATAR

44 Take care of: TENDTO

45 Wayne Manor and environs, e.g.: ESTATE

47 Relish: GUSTO

48 Law enforcement tool: TASER

49 In arrears: OWING

53 Hoedown misses: GALS

55 Cleopatra's "poor venomous fool": ASP

56 Chem. or phys.: SCI

57 Bun package closer: TIE

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