LA Times Crossword answers Monday 31 May 2021

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Los Angeles Times 31 May 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 31 May 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Shock: STUN

5 Eyelid hair: LASH

9 Run through a reader, as a debit card: SWIPE

14 Mama's mate: PAPA

15 Tooth trouble: ACHE

16 Printer powder: TONER

17 Tiny picnic invaders: ANTS

18 Drink in a stein: BEER

19 Side-by-side fridge pioneer: AMANA

20 "The Carpetbaggers" author: HAROLDROBBINS

23 Ending for hero or serpent: INE

25 60 minuti: ORA

26 "If looks could kill" look: GLARE

27 Form a close bond (with): LIAISE

29 Insertion mark: CARET

31 Auto industry partner of Charles Rolls: HENRYROYCE

33 Operated: RAN

36 Drama divisions: ACTS

37 TiVo ancestor: VCR

38 Latin god: DEUS

39 Originally named: NEE

40 "I Am Woman" singer: HELENREDDY

43 Fern-to-be: SPORE

45 Smoothly take one's place: EASEIN

46 Chicago Eight defendant Bobby: SEALE

48 "__ making a list ... ": HES

49 Series-ending abbr.: ETC

50 She married Bill in 1975 but didn't start using his last name until his 1982 Arkansas gubernatorial campaign: HILLARYRODHAM

54 In the end, in the Louvre: ENFIN

55 Lunch or dinner: MEAL

56 Second Hebrew letter: BETH

59 "Down East" state: MAINE

60 Give a darn: CARE

61 "It's really cold!": BRRR

62 Longed (for): PINED

63 Tacks on: ADDS

64 Garage sale caveat: ASIS


1 Hot tub with a whirlpool: SPA

2 Beige relative: TAN

3 Put more at stake: UPTHEANTE

4 Hubble-operating org.: NASA

5 Unskilled worker: LABORER

6 Amtrak express: ACELA

7 Place for a mower: SHED

8 Frau's partner: HERR

9 Horse home: STABLE

10 Burrowing marsupial: WOMBAT

11 "... bombs bursting __": INAIR

12 Pasta tubes: PENNE

13 Hurlers' stats: ERAS

21 Upbeat type of outlook: ROSY

22 Folklore fiend: OGRE

23 Congresswoman __ Omar: ILHAN

24 Nephew's sister: NIECE

28 Form 1099 agcy.: IRS

29 Use the bike lane: CYCLE

30 Land measure: ACRE

32 Done: OVER

33 Coupon users, e.g.: REDEEMERS

34 Books review: AUDIT

35 "Bye Bye Bye" band: NSYNC

38 __ Moines: DES

40 Garden worker: HOER

41 Pine droppings: NEEDLES

42 Impulsive: RASH

43 Hospital solution: SALINE

44 Smoothed wood: PLANED

46 Mount in Exodus: SINAI

47 Like Santa's helpers: ELFIN

48 Cache: HOARD

50 Rope fiber: HEMP

51 Village People megahit: YMCA

52 Enjoy one's Kindle: READ

53 "Waterloo" group: ABBA

57 29-Down prefix: TRI

58 Personnel depts., and what the personnel in 20-, 31-, 40- and 50-Across have in common: HRS

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