LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 31 October 2017

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Los Angeles Times 31 October 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 31 October 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Capital of Poland: WARSAW

7 Actress Moore: DEMI

11 Dick and Jane's dog: SPOT

15 Tropical lizard: IGUANA

16 Large-scale: EPIC

17 Vagrant: HOBO

18 "Evita" Tony-winning actress: PATTILUPONE

20 __-ran: ALSO

21 Diminutive suffix: ETTE

22 Fort full of gold: KNOX

23 Guitarist Clapton: ERIC

24 Spanish king: REY

25 Coast Guard rank: PETTYOFFICER

29 Prefix with sol: AERO

30 Flight height: Abbr.: ALT

31 Ambient music pioneer Brian: ENO

32 Rural road surface: DIRT

34 Carpal or tarsal lead-in: META

36 Prilosec target: ACID

37 Roberto Clemente, notably: PITTSBURGHPIRATE

41 "__-daisy!": UPSY

42 Approximately: ORSO

43 Small fishing boat: DORY

44 D.C. United's org.: MLS

45 Sweetie pie: HON

46 Urge: PROD

48 Ceramics shaper: POTTERSWHEEL

52 34-Down, in Toledo, Sp.: SRA

55 Naturalist John: MUIR

56 "__ Lang Syne": AULD

57 Truant GI: AWOL

58 Fatherly nickname: PAPA

59 Tinker in the workshop: PUTTERABOUT

62 Move a bit: STIR

63 "__, Brute?": ETTU

64 Not inclined (to): AVERSE

65 Meat safety org.: USDA

66 Loch with a mystery: NESS

67 Blowtorch user: WELDER


1 Windshield cleaner: WIPER

2 Striped quartz: AGATE

3 Like old wagon trails: RUTTY

4 Appease, as hunger: SATE

5 Smart game-show vowel purchase for "F_LM CR_T_C": ANI

6 "The Color Purple" author Alice: WALKER

7 Bus terminus: DEPOT

8 Modeling glue: EPOXY

9 60 secs.: MIN

10 Devils' playing surface, ironically: ICE

11 Puppeteer Lewis: SHARI

12 Patrol vehicle: POLICECAR

13 Target of captioning censorship: OBSCENITY

14 "That's __ bad": TOO

19 "Do __ others ... ": UNTO

23 Young salamander: EFT

25 Caresses, as a dog: PETS

26 Inaugural recitation: OATH

27 Envelope part: FLAP

28 Used a bike: RODE

29 Superficially cultured: ARTY

32 Embassy workers: DIPLOMATS

33 "What a harebrained idea!": ITSSTUPID

34 52-Across, in Toledo, OH: MRS

35 Self-esteem: EGO

36 Retired Yankee slugger, to fans: AROD

37 Gas station machine: PUMP

38 Crude dude: BOOR

39 Catering coffeepots: URNS

40 Big screen star: IDOL

45 Ship's pronoun: HER

46 One-named soccer great: PELE

47 Change, as map details: REDRAW

49 Sparkly crown: TIARA

50 Light bulb units: WATTS

51 Many Rwandans: HUTUS

52 See 59-Down: SWORD

53 Shake awake: ROUSE

54 Change: ALTER

57 Brother of Cain: ABEL

58 Nittany Lions' sch.: PSU

59 It's mightier than the 52-Down, so they say: PEN

60 4 x 4, for short: UTE

61 Blvd.: AVE

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