LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 31 October 2019

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Los Angeles Times 31 October 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 31 October 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Spot for a salt scrub: SPA

4 Aromatic evergreen: BALSAM

10 Wind with nearly a three-octave range: OBOE

14 Fresh from the oven: HOT

15 Collection of hives: APIARY

16 Sullen look: POUT

17 Track: RUT

18 Halloween feeling in a warren? RABBITFEARS

20 Buffalo lake: ERIE

22 Like the vb. "go": IRR

23 Belly laugh syllable: HAR

24 Halloween feeling near a water supply? WELLDREAD

27 Valleys: DALES

31 "Take Care" Grammy winner: DRAKE

32 "We've waited long enough": ITSTIME

34 Bebe's "Frasier" role: LILITH

38 Overlook: OMIT

39 Halloween feeling in the office? CLERICALTERRORS

44 Enjoy privileged status: RATE

45 Poise: APLOMB

46 It may get the ball rolling: INCLINE

48 Trio in "To be, or not to be": IAMBS

53 "Borstal Boy" author Brendan: BEHAN

54 Halloween feeling in the yard? LAWNSCARE

58 Angel dust, initially: PCP

60 "You wish, laddie!": NAE

61 Put out: EMIT

62 Halloween feeling in the loo? FLUSHFRIGHT

67 Summer hrs. in Denver: MDT

68 Stood: ROSE

69 Paparazzo's gear: CAMERA

70 Mature: AGE

71 Lumberjacks' tools: AXES

72 Gave it more gas: SPEDUP

73 Finch family creator: LEE


1 Astute: SHREWD

2 Bartender, often: POURER

3 Fifth-century conqueror: ATTILA

4 Soap unit: BAR

5 Two (of): APAIR

6 Cuba __: LIBRE

7 Brand of hummus and guacamole: SABRA

8 Actor Millen of "Orphan Black": ARI

9 Folk story: MYTH

10 Wheeler-dealer: OPERATOR

11 Feathery neckwear: BOA

12 CSNY's "__ House": OUR

13 Many "Guardians of the Galaxy" characters: ETS

19 Latest things: FADS

21 Rockies bugler: ELK

25 Sandwich source: DELI

26 "Same here": DITTO

28 Vehicle with a partition: LIMO

29 Mideast potentate: EMIR

30 Slowly sinks from the sky: SETS

33 Those folks: THEM

35 Confident words: ICAN

36 Suit part sometimes grabbed: LAPEL

37 Unhealthy: ILL

39 Nursery piece: CRIB

40 Narrow way: LANE

41 Engrave: ETCH

42 Backslides: RELAPSES

43 Hitting stat: RBIS

47 Advance slowly: INCH

49 Big club: ACE

50 Koala, for example: MAMMAL

51 Game based on whist: BRIDGE

52 Living room piece: SETTEE

55 Japanese art genre: ANIME

56 Carried on: WAGED

57 Big name in Indian politics: NEHRU

59 Some GIs: PFCS

62 Monk's address: FRA

63 Cured salmon: LOX

64 Employ: USE

65 31-Across genre: RAP

66 Covert information source: TAP

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