LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 31 October 2020

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Los Angeles Times 31 October 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 31 October 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 One of the alkali metals: POTASSIUM

10 Enjoy a meal, with "down": CHOW

14 Lacking taste, say: UNARTISTIC

16 Yul's "Solomon and Sheba" co-star: GINA

17 Where fajitas may be seen: TEXMEXMENU

18 Senior suffix: ITIS

19 Ability: SKILL

20 Breaks down: SOBS

22 Big extinct bird: MOA

23 "Frozen" snowman: OLAF

26 Chem lab substance: REAGENT

28 Casino option: BACCARAT

32 Exercise apparel: SWEATS

33 Out of control: AMOK

34 Increase: GROW

36 Fungal rye disease: ERGOT

37 Wheel part: RIM

38 Attack, as with questions: BOMBARD

40 Org. monitoring gas prices: AAA

41 Pram occupant's diaper: NAPPY

43 __ lily: Utah state flower: SEGO

44 W.E.B. Du Bois' Tennessee alma mater: FISK

45 Looks of contempt: SNEERS

47 Maker of Contadina products: DELMONTE

49 Shakespeare's fairy queen: TITANIA

51 Evening in Paris: SOIR

52 Dedicatory lines: ODE

53 Wings with rooms: ELLS

55 __ fog: DENSE

59 Outer layer: RIND

61 1963 Johnny Thunder hit: LOOPDELOOP

64 Footwear for the stealthy, maybe: MOCS

65 "Where's everyone else?": YOUREALONE

66 Originate: STEM

67 Like some eggs: FREERANGE


1 With 31-Down, finalizes, in publishing: PUTS

2 Short race: ONEK

3 Approach the gate, perhaps: TAXI

4 Wrestling maneuver: ARMLOCK

5 Blanche's sister, in a Williams play: STELLA

6 Number before Number? SIX

7 Belief suffix: ISM

8 Pickup cousins, briefly: UTES

9 Inconsequential: MINOR

10 Movie SFX: CGI

11 Request before reaching 21? HITMEAGAIN

12 Savory baked bread: ONIONTOAST

13 Hung in the balance: WASATSTAKE

15 Dice, e.g.: CUBES

21 Shortened a log: SAWED

24 Ship that encountered Sirens: ARGO

25 Rural spreads: FARMS

27 Switz. neighbor: GER

28 Campaigns rurally: BARNSTORMS

29 "That was so stupid of me!": AMIANIDIOT


31 See 1-Down: TOBED

35 Pay: WAGES

38 Talking Heads lead singer David: BYRNE

39 Cone-like candy: ROLO

42 Little veggie: PEA

44 Patti Austin album dedicated to a legendary jazz vocalist: FORELLA

46 Frivolous: SILLY

48 Piercing locale, perhaps: MIDEAR

50 Disinterested: ALOOF

54 Whiskey __: SOUR

56 Palindromic time: NOON

57 Grammy honoree: SONG

58 Duel tool: EPEE

60 Mil. decoration: DSM

62 With "fix," it describes itself: PRE

63 Land's end? DEE

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