LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 31 October 2021

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Los Angeles Times 31 October 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 31 October 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Leader who succeeded Muhammad: CALIPH

7 Tried to get home, say: SLID

11 Boiling state: IRE

14 Beliefs: ISMS

18 Keys on a piano: ALICIA

19 100 cents: EURO

20 "I, Claudius" role: NERO

22 Texter's "Then again ... ": OTOH

23 Govern in Austin? DIRECTTEXAS

25 Set of rules for a jury? PANELCODE

27 Sault __ Marie: STE

28 Throttle: CHOKE

29 Pretentious: LADIDA

30 Anthem contraction: OER

31 Group name derived from the Dutch for "farmer": BOERS

32 __ blanche: CARTE

33 Like crazy: MADLY

35 Graceful antelopes: IMPALAS

38 Volume subtitled "100 Good Excuses"? BOOKOFDENIAL

40 Car bar: TIEROD

41 Bodies usually bigger than bays: GULFS

43 Mercury Theatre co-founder Welles: ORSON

44 Farm units: ACRES

45 Lawyer's filing: BRIEF

46 "The Texan" star Calhoun: RORY

48 The Eagle, e.g.: LEM

51 Eric the Red's son: LEIF

52 Comedian Shecky: GREENE

53 Currency exchange abbr.: USD

54 Mozart's "__ Kleine Nachtmusik": EINE

55 17.2-million-square-mile area: ASIA

57 __ metal: dark '80s-'90s music genre: DEATH

59 Snakes' weapons: FANGS

60 Party garb for one going as a pollution inspector? EPACOSTUME

65 Historic period with a lot of risks? CHANCESERA

68 Bob of "Fuller House": SAGET

69 Explode: BURST

71 Full of slime: OOZY

72 Breezed through: ACED

73 Animation frame: CEL

74 Family reunion attendee: NEPHEW

77 Botch: MUFF

81 "__ so you!": ITS

82 "No problem!": SURE

83 Name of two presidents: ADAMS

84 Privilege: HONOR

85 Broadcaster: AIRER

88 A lot: SCADS

89 State bordering Baja: SONORA

90 Cube-shaped stones for a fireplace shelf? MANTELBLOCKS

94 Overly optimistic: BLUESKY

95 "Chicago Med" pro: ERDOC

96 Location: SITUS

97 Clamorous: NOISY

98 Color TV pioneer: RCA

99 H.S. exam for college credit: APTEST

101 Brownish gray: TAUPE

102 Cacophony: DIN

105 Wizard's communications device? MAGEPHONE

107 Braided Greek cheese? TWISTOFFETA

110 Biblical plot: EDEN

111 Blood type, briefly: ONEG

112 Lash mark: WELT

113 Shade: NUANCE

114 Fit together compactly: NEST

115 Classified ad abbr.: EEO

116 Comply with: OBEY

117 Slow-moving mammals: SLOTHS


1 Bounders: CADS

2 Settled (on): ALIT

3 Euros replaced them: LIRE

4 Coolers? ICE

5 Winds also called ottavinos: PICCOLOS

6 Result of keeping a cap on too long: HATHEAD

7 Goes after: SEEKS

8 Elegance: LUXE

9 401(k) alternative: IRA

10 Big affairs: DOS

11 Out of gear: INPARK

12 Entertain at bedtime, as a tot: READTO

13 "Sixteen Tons" singer whose nickname is his birth state: ERNIEFORD

14 Games gp.: IOC

15 Waited, not always patiently: STOODINLINE

16 Roadster in the Henry Ford Museum: MODELA

17 Crow with Grammys: SHERYL

21 Brit. lexicon: OED

24 High spots: TORS

26 Metal-threaded fabrics: LAMES

29 Golden Triangle country: LAOS

31 Shameless: BAREFACED

32 Eye-opening cupful: COFFEE

34 Spanish span: ANO

35 Emphatic type: Abbr.: ITAL

36 They actually prefer fruit and grains to cheese: MICE

37 "Frasier" actress Gilpin: PERI

38 Kitchen counter staple: BLENDER

39 Cocktail order: DRY

41 Coll. senior's test: GRE

42 One-eighty: UIE

45 Cookout choice: BRAT

46 Babe with a bat: RUTH

47 Dept. of Labor arm: OSHA

49 Tech sch. alumnus: ENGR

50 Big butte: MESA

52 Base figs.: GIS

54 Fast bucks: EASYMONEY

56 Barfly: SOT

58 Represented oneself to be: ACTEDAS

59 Casbah headgear: FEZ

60 Morales of "NYPD Blue": ESAI

61 Agreement: PACT

62 Seemingly forever: AGESANDAGES

63 Lyft rival: UBER

64 Paragon of stubbornness: MULE

66 Denials: NOES

67 Dairy grazer: COW

70 Light fare: SNACKS

73 Street edging piece: CURBSTONE

75 Crash site? PAD

76 Royal Navy initials: HMS

78 Pizzeria chain, familiarly: UNOS

79 Motorist's decision point: FORK

80 Donnybrook: FRAY

82 Frites seasoning: SEL

84 Holiday guests, maybe: HOUSEFUL

86 1995 court VIP: ITO

87 Go over: RECAP

88 Cottontail's tail: SCUT

89 They usually don't have laces: SLIPONS

90 Mythical males with tails: MERMEN

91 Game keeper? ARCADE

92 Homeowner, vis-à-vis the bank: LIENEE

93 Cooperstown's lake: OTSEGO

94 Attack, as of an illness: BOUT

97 Foul: NASTY

100 Saigon soup: PHO

101 Word game piece: TILE

102 Bit of progress: DENT

103 Allergic reaction: ITCH

104 Dundee disagreements: NAES

106 Tolkien creature: ENT

107 Wee hour: TWO

108 Information source, with "the": WEB

109 __ Schwarz: FAO

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