LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 4 April 2017

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Los Angeles Times 4 April 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 4 April 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Complain and complain: CARP

5 Frolic in the field: ROMP

9 Searched for shells in the shallows: WADED

14 Where to find Java: ASIA

15 Governor Kasich's state: OHIO

16 Be a ham: EMOTE

17 Verizon invoice, e.g.: PHONEBILL

19 Way to get there: ROUTE

20 Saint at a gate: PETER

21 Melt frost from, as a windshield: DEICE

23 Self-serve salad site: BAR

24 Old World Style sauce brand: RAGU

26 The "c" in a + b = c: TOTAL

28 Govt. agency that lends to start-ups: SBA

30 Second wife of Henry VIII: ANNEBOLEYN

34 "It's __-brainer!": ANO

35 Humerus neighbor: ULNA

36 "__, black sheep ... ": BAABAA

37 Pierced ear parts: LOBES

39 Gives approval to: OKS

41 Horse's harrumph: SNORT

42 Consider carefully: PONDER

44 Coup d'__: ETAT

46 Opposite of SSW: NNE

47 Country divider that allows unrestricted travel: OPENBORDER

49 Free app annoyances: ADS

50 __ Manor: "Batman" mansion: WAYNE

51 Mani go-with: PEDI

53 Sound of disdain: BAH

55 Tot's reply to a taunt: DIDSO

57 Shady retreat: ARBOR

61 Appliance maker: AMANA

63 Sensitive elbow area, and a literal hint to the circled letters: FUNNYBONE

65 Flat hat: BERET

66 Spring blossom: IRIS

67 Moniker: NAME

68 Perfumer Lauder: ESTEE

69 Pinup Hayworth: RITA

70 Raised, as cattle: BRED


1 "Li'l Abner" creator Al: CAPP

2 Arthur with three Grand Slam singles titles: ASHE

3 Civil mayhem: RIOT

4 Bakery-cafŽ bread company: PANERA

5 Steal from: ROB

6 "Hmm, gotta think about that ... ": OHIDUNNO

7 Eight furlongs: MILE

8 Well-mannered: POLITE

9 "Mom's gonna kill us!": WERETOAST

10 Latin "I love": AMO

11 Molecular link with two pairs of electrons shared by two atoms: DOUBLEBOND

12 Sundance's sweetie: ETTA

13 Bambi, for one: DEER

18 Hurler's stat: ERA

22 __ salad: COBB

25 Guy's partner: GAL

27 Actor Alda: ALAN

28 Nosy one: SNOOP

29 "Button-Down Mind" comedian: BOBNEWHART

31 Not wearing a thing: NAKED

32 Tall tales: YARNS

33 "Big" comics kid: NATE

34 Dog food brand: ALPO

35 Milk-souring warning number: USEBYDATE

38 Novelist Ferber: EDNA

40 "Hit the gas!": STEPONIT

43 Rice-A-__: RONI

45 "__ we alone?": ARE

48 Colorful timber tree: REDFIR

49 Online rent-a-room option: AIRBNB

52 Week segment: DAY

53 Yankee Ruth: BABE

54 Iowa college town: AMES

56 TomKat's daughter: SURI

58 Wild hog: BOAR

59 "I'll pick up the tab": ONME

60 Oboe or bassoon: REED

62 Marriage announcement word: NEE

64 CIA cousin: NSA

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