LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 4 April 2019

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Los Angeles Times 4 April 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 4 April 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 "High" places? SEAS

5 Flag down: HAIL

9 Caller ID? ITSME

14 El __, Texas: PASO

15 Actor Idris who plays Heimdall in "Thor" films: ELBA

16 Mozart wrote a lot of them: NOTES

17 Dungeness delicacies: CRABCAKES

19 Omni rival: HYATT

20 One reviewing challenges: APPELLATEJUDGE

22 Fish eggs: ROE

23 Brooding genre: EMO

24 One who's got you covered: INSURANCEAGENT

32 Pig's sniffer: SNOUT

33 Weep for: MOURN

34 See 27-Down: RAE

35 Sch. near the U.S.-Mexico border: UTEP

36 Law school subject: TORTS

37 Put on the cloud, say: SAVE

38 Writer Deighton: LEN

39 "It Wasn't All Velvet" memoirist: TORME

40 Asks: POSES

41 One seen in a Hanes catalog: UNDERWEARMODEL

44 Aromatic necklace: LEI

45 "How We Do (Party)" British singer Rita __: ORA

46 Predictable work ... and, in a way, what the other three longest answers are? NINETOFIVEJOBS

54 Implied: TACIT

55 Chain used by many contractors: HOMEDEPOT

56 Courtroom pro: STENO

57 Take testimony from: HEAR

58 Depend: RELY

59 "The Ant and the Grasshopper" storyteller: AESOP

60 Philosophies: ISMS

61 Fort SSW of Louisville: KNOX


1 Shelter gp.: SPCA

2 Big name in Tombstone: EARP

3 "By yesterday!": ASAP

4 Sleeps it off: SOBERSUP

5 Physician, ideally: HEALER

6 Commercial word with Seltzer: ALKA

7 "Oh, suuure": IBET

8 Cut with a beam: LASE

9 Cruel: INHUMAN

10 Papillon, e.g.: TOYDOG

11 Deer sir: STAG

12 Dole (out): METE

13 Ballpark fig.: EST

18 Influence: CLOUT

21 Ballpark opinions, at times: JEERS

24 One-__ chance: INTEN

25 Incessantly: NOEND

26 "When the moon hits your eye" feeling: AMORE

27 With 34-Across, Sally Field film: NORMA

28 More adorable: CUTER

29 Make blank: ERASE

30 Piercing site, perhaps: NAVEL

31 Scottish center? TEES

32 Sci-fi navigator: SULU

36 Specifically: TOWIT

37 Float fixer: SODAJERK

39 Place with a bird's-eye view: TREETOP

40 Went carefully (over): PORED

42 Nickname of golfer Sergio Garc’a, who turned pro at age 19: ELNINO

43 Shakers' relatives? MOVERS

46 "Mom" actor Corddry: NATE

47 Treats, as a sprain: ICES

48 Surprised greeting: OHHI

49 They're not on the same page: FOES

50 Religious scholar: IMAM

51 Premiere: OPEN

52 Simple tie: BOLO

53 Where Achilles was dipped for invincibility: STYX

54 Org. operating full-body scanners: TSA

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