LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 4 April 2020

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Los Angeles Times 4 April 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 4 April 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 One of the partying elite: ALISTER

8 Dessert option: ALAMODE

15 Emphasize strongly: RAMHOME

16 Online group study: WEBINAR

17 Visiting the Louvre, say: INPARIS

18 Namesake of brunch sauce: HOLLAND

19 Sweet after-dinner drink: PORTWINE

21 Cpl., for one: NCO

22 Some street performers: MIMES

25 __ learning: ROTE

26 Conks out: DIES

27 "The Cookie Never Crumbles" co-author Wally: AMOS

28 Stick: MIRE

29 Apollo unit, briefly: LEM

30 Flour bag abbr.: LBS

31 Enthusiastic well-wisher: BACKSLAPPER


37 Took over in a supervisor's absence: HELDTHEFORT

38 __-di-dah: LAH

39 So far: YET

40 __ web: DARK

41 To be, in Latin: ESSE

42 Hardy title teenager: TESS

44 Small store: MART

45 12-time NBA All-Star Olajuwon, as originally spelled: AKEEM

46 Big bird: EMU

47 Dessert made with Oreos: DIRTCAKE

49 Fell behind: RANLATE

51 Baseball's Browns, since 1954: ORIOLES

55 Camera maker that merged with Konica: MINOLTA

56 What financial projections are compared with: ACTUALS

57 Guile: SLYNESS

58 "We're done": THATSIT


1 Bush press secretary Fleischer: ARI

2 PC linkup: LAN

3 Little rascal: IMP

4 Pentagon and others: SHAPES

5 Corrida chargers: TOROS

6 Muslim noble: EMIR

7 They're not for everyone: RESTRICTEDAREAS

8 1957 Marty Robbins hit: AWHITESPORTCOAT

9 Spaghetti Western director Sergio: LEONE

10 Up to it: ABLE

11 Wire measure: MIL

12 Without thinking: ONANIMPULSE

13 Prom, say: DANCE

14 Hungarian mathematician Paul: ERDOS

20 Museum piece: WORKOFART

22 "Happy Days" character Ralph: MALPH

23 Permeate: IMBUE

24 Promising forecast: MOSTLYSUNNY

26 Commerce, e.g.: Abbr.: DEPT

28 "Do the __!": MATH

29 Stand the test of time: LAST

31 Target: BUTT

32 Playful prank: LARK

33 Scrub away: ERASE

34 Alter, as a skirt: REHEM

36 Poems of honor: ODES

41 Just manage: EKEOUT

42 Contract listing: TERMS

43 Text alternative: EMAIL

44 Catchers' catchers: MITTS

45 Curly-tailed dog: AKITA

47 Valley: DALE

48 Bridge structure: ARCH

50 Actor Chaney: LON

52 Scale notes: LAS

53 Skull and Bones member: ELI

54 Old boomer: SST

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