LA Times Crossword answers Monday 4 April 2022

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Los Angeles Times 4 April 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 4 April 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Japanese cartoon art: ANIME

6 Search high and low: SCOUR

11 Bar with beers: PUB

14 Like kings and queens: REGAL

15 Abode: HOUSE

16 Tina Turner's onetime partner: IKE

17 Rolling friction-reducing part: BALLBEARING

19 After taxes: NET

20 Like a properly sized carry-on bag: STOWABLE

21 Regret: RUE

23 Condo management gp.: HOA

24 Type of pants with a flared leg: BELLBOTTOM

29 Flag maker Betsy: ROSS

31 Southern California Air Force base: EDWARDS

32 Indy competitor: RACER

35 Fancy neckwear: BOA

36 Pay attention to: HEED

37 Punk rock offshoot: EMO

38 "The Science Guy": BILLNYE

42 WWII command for 16-Across: ETO

43 Lowers, as lights: DIMS

45 Grabbed a chair: SAT

46 Ju‡rez coins: PESOS

48 Still on one's plate: UNEATEN

50 Shaft of light: BEAM

52 Cotton-picking pest: BOLLWEEVIL

54 Place to crash: PAD

57 Simpson trial judge Lance: ITO

58 Lashed out at: ASSAILED

61 11-Across drink: ALE

63 Stubborn but fun-loving dog breed: BULLTERRIER

66 "__ MisŽrables": LES

67 Prefix with face or lace: INTER

68 Visibly sad, say: TEARY

69 Orchestra space: PIT

70 Trunk of the body: TORSO

71 Twisty turns: ESSES


1 Some Wall St. traders: ARBS

2 Opposite of o'er: NEATH

3 Inuit home: IGLOO

4 Online viruses and such: MALWARE

5 Idris of "The Wire": ELBA

6 Oil-bearing rocks: SHALES

7 WordPerfect producer: COREL

8 Apt rhyme for s’: OUI

9 Admiral's org.: USN

10 Sprout again: REGROW

11 Forest cone droppers: PINETREES

12 Luau strings: UKE

13 Wager: BET

18 Goes out, as the tide: EBBS

22 Salt Lake state: UTAH

25 Boxer Spinks: LEON

26 Person's yearly celebration, for short: BDAY

27 "__ Joy": component of Beethoven's Ninth: ODETO

28 Windows predecessor: MSDOS

30 Planet: ORB

32 Provide new audio for: REDUB

33 Type of acid in proteins: AMINO

34 Most attractive: COMELIEST

35 Sandwich initials: BLT

39 "Ah, of course": ISEE

40 Daily Planet colleague of Kent and Olsen: LANE

41 MPG-testing org.: EPA

44 Rock __: ice melter: SALT

47 Roman and British realms: EMPIRES

49 Small-time: TWOBIT

50 Unpretentious restaurant: BISTRO

51 In addition: ELSE

53 Lowlands: VALES

55 Wanted poster word: ALIAS

56 Plow pioneer: DEERE

59 "Laugh-In" regular Johnson: ARTE

60 Prohibitionists: DRYS

61 Austrian peak: ALP

62 Gift with an aloha: LEI

64 Game with Skip and Draw Two cards: UNO

65 Paper size: Abbr.: LTR

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