LA Times Crossword answers Friday 4 August 2017

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Los Angeles Times 4 August 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 4 August 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Enjoy deeply: SAVOR

6 Verne voyager: NEMO

10 Campus hangout: QUAD

14 "Things are never quite as scary when you've got __ friend": Bill Watterson: ABEST

15 Old Roman poet: OVID

16 "Once more __ the breach": Shak.: UNTO

17 Why St. Peter owns darning needles? FORHEAVENSSOCKS

20 Actor Idris __: ELBA

21 "Take this": HERE

22 Naturally lit indoor spaces: ATRIA

23 CV inclusion: BIO

24 Not as good-looking? PALER

25 Minimalist beachwear: THONG

26 "Ah, Wilderness!" mother: ESSIE

28 Future D.A.'s hurdle: LSAT

30 Fresno-to-L.A. dir.: SSE

31 Museum of Home Security exhibits? THEGREATLOCKS

35 Peanut product: OIL

36 Fraser or Douglas: FIR

37 What a shepherd sees after a snowstorm? FROSTEDFLOCKS

44 Appreciative cry: OLE

46 Sol preceder: AERO

47 "Not possible": ICANT

48 Frigga portrayer in "Thor": RUSSO

51 Prefix in makeup product names: DERMA

53 Feel sorry about: RUE

54 Perfumer's ingredient: ATTAR

55 Red-coated security force: Abbr.: RCMP

56 Diplomacy result: PACT

57 Consumer reactions to big price hikes for brownies? CHOCOLATESHOCKS

60 Pointer's cry: LOOK

61 O or Jay: ALER

62 Author Calvino: ITALO

63 Coastal raptors: ERNS

64 Cutlass, e.g.: OLDS

65 City on the Ruhr: ESSEN


1 It's in the bag: SAFEBET


3 Like a motormouth: VERBOSE

4 Org. concerned with ladder safety: OSHA

5 GPS datum: RTE

6 "An ill-defined and disreputable literary banana republic": Stephen King: NOVELLA

7 High point of Hillary's career: EVEREST

8 __ spring: MINERAL

9 "__ bodkins!": old oath: ODS

10 "The Raven" verb: QUOTH

11 Straighten, as one's legs: UNCROSS

12 Diet doctor: ATKINS

13 Pharmacist's concern: DOSAGE

18 "Now it's clear!": AHA

19 Didn't rise: SAT

24 Dental procedure, for short: PERIO

27 Composer Stravinsky: IGOR

29 Devonshire dandy: TOFF

32 "Born Free" lioness: ELSA

33 Paramecium movers: CILIA

34 McDonald's founder: KROC

37 Bit of suspended decoration: FESTOON

38 Controversial political cartoonist: TEDRALL

39 Put up: ERECTED

40 Projecting architectural features: DORMERS

41 Capital NE of Bogot‡: CARACAS

42 Get to work, with "down": KNUCKLE

43 Big hat: STETSON

44 Ancient prophet: ORACLE

45 Comics villain since 1940: LUTHOR

49 Gives the heave-ho: SACKS

50 Conquistador's treasure: ORO

52 Speed meas.: MPS

56 "Chopped" array: POTS

58 Southeast Asian tongue: LAO

59 Move it, quaintly: HIE

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