LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 4 August 2018

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Los Angeles Times 4 August 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 4 August 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Biting: ACID

5 Hooded African menace: MAMBA

10 One may be strapless: BRA

13 Put on board: LADE

14 Girl Sebastian is referring to in the song "Kiss the Girl": ARIEL

15 Poke: PROD

16 Walks caused by walks, perhaps? TRIPSTOTHEMOUND

19 Snatches: ABDUCTS

20 Always there: ETERNAL

21 Aware of: ONTO

22 "Battle of the Sexes" co-star: EMMASTONE

24 Dealer's order: ANTEUP

26 Small grove: COPSE

27 Close one: PAL

28 Fowl pole: ROOST

30 Graham who co-founded The Hollies: NASH

34 11th-century navigator: ERICSON

36 Occasion to spiff up: HOTDATE

39 Mother of the Titans: GAEA

40 App with pics, familiarly: INSTA

42 Light color: RED

43 Cozumel coins: PESOS

46 Impatient: SNAPPY


52 Oct. 2017 Dodgers-Cubs matchup: NLCS

53 Mine carriers: ORECARS

54 "Did it start already?": AMILATE


59 Imitated: APED

60 King, e.g.: RULER

61 "Hamilton" Tony winner Leslie __ Jr.: ODOM

62 Cantina condiment: SAL

63 Convenient app for some drivers: EPARK

64 Scandinavian capital: OSLO


1 Baja's opposite: ALTA

2 Creamy pasta dish: CARBONARA

3 "That was a fact!": IDIDNTLIE

4 Appoint as a posse member, say: DEPUTE

5 Drudge online: MATT

6 Cropped up: AROSE

7 Sch. in the 2008 film "21": MIT

8 Monstrous creatures: BEHEMOTHS

9 Microbrewery fixture: ALETAP

10 Mars in music: BRUNO

11 Journalist Farrow: RONAN

12 Puzzle: ADDLE

15 Presage: PORTEND

17 Rubs clean: SCOURS

18 Private meal? MESS

23 Mic holders: MCS

24 Take down __: APEG

25 Shih-__: mixed breed: POO

29 Introductory French course: ONIONSOUP

31 Holdings for many seniors: AARPCARDS

32 Aid in changing a light bulb: STEPSTOOL

33 Lamarr of "Boom Town": HEDY

35 One side of New England's Bourne Bridge: CAPECOD

37 Some NBA periods: OTS

38 Red wine substance: TANNIN

41 Govt. code crackers: NSA

44 Hairy Genesis son: ESAU

45 "Being and Nothingness" author: SARTRE

47 Overly: ALLTOO

48 Forum wardrobe: TOGAS

49 South American cornmeal cake: AREPA

50 __ One: vodka brand: KETEL

51 Harness race horse: PACER

55 1981 TV groom: MORK

56 Ticklish doll: ELMO

58 Grapefruit League locale: Abbr.: FLA

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