LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 4 August 2021

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Los Angeles Times 4 August 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 4 August 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Cuba, por ejemplo: ISLA

5 Laundry brand: TIDE

9 Surveys, as a crowd: SCANS


15 Bad doings: EVIL

16 App with personalized celebrity videos: CAMEO


19 Two-tone treats: OREOS

20 Thompson of "SNL": KENAN

21 Overwhelming fear: TERROR

23 Vine variety: PINOT

24 Exodus participant: ISRAELITE

27 Corp. attention grab: PRSTUNT

29 They're sometimes slashed: PRICES

30 West in old movies: MAE

31 Start over: RESET

34 Nicknames for grandmas: NANS

35 Desirable vocal quality: RESONANCE

38 "Anybody __?": ELSE

41 Divided Asian peninsula: KOREA

42 Hosp. crisis area: ICU

45 Exactly right: DEADON

48 Ron of "Hellboy" (2004): PERLMAN

50 Environmental catastrophes: OILSPILLS

53 Composure: POISE

54 Arnold Palmer ingredient: ICETEA

55 Wasteland: HEATH

56 Do some housework: CLEAN

58 Military command, and a hint to each set of circles: ABOUTFACE

61 Jazz but not Bulls: GENRE

62 Dance partner? SONG

63 LAX postings: ETAS

64 Start to twine? INTER

65 Family ___: TREE

66 Burden for many students: DEBT


1 Start of an iconic JFK quote: ICH

2 Super Bowl LIV performer: SHAKIRA

3 Driving need? LICENSE

4 Start of an iconic JFK quote: ASKNOT

5 Prom attendee: TEEN

6 Wall climber: IVY

7 Tries to lose: DIETS

8 Senior: ELDER

9 Ball game official: SCORER

10 JFK daughter who inspired a Neil Diamond hit: CAROLINE

11 Miss __: AMERICA

12 Liberal start: NEO

13 Distress call: SOS

18 Disposition: NATURE

22 Knock sharply: RAP

23 Meas. of concentration: PPM

24 "There, there": ITSOK

25 Big __ Conference: TEN

26 One of a sisters trio: ESS

28 Vintage video game console: NES

32 Ambient musician Brian: ENO

33 Rain delay sights: TARPS

35 Post-world-war paranoia: REDSCARE

36 Formerly named: NEE

37 "Magic" flier: CARPET

38 Long-ago Tokyo: EDO

39 Garden garland: LEI

40 Notable: SALIENT

42 Copy: IMITATE

43 On-the-go game show: CASHCAB

44 Avignon article: UNE

46 Season's first game: OPENER

47 Coll. hoops tourney: NIT

49 Lounged: LOAFED

51 Bare minimum: LEAST

52 Work: LABOR

55 Enormous: HUGE

56 Sci-fi film FX: CGI

57 Dance judge Goodman: LEN

59 Hydrogen's atomic number: ONE

60 N.J. winter hrs.: EST

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