LA Times Crossword answers Friday 4 December 2020

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Los Angeles Times 4 December 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 4 December 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Brosnan and Craig, most recently: BONDS

6 "You __ at hello": HADME

11 Bench subject: LAW

14 Mosque-goer's deity: ALLAH

15 Certain lesson: MORAL

16 "Do Ya" rock gp.: ELO

17 Checked out '70s AMC cars? (2004, 1984): SAWGREMLINS

19 Uruguay uncle: TIO

20 Coagulate: GEL

21 Went by: ELAPSED

23 Genetic indicators? (2018, 2002): HEREDITARYSIGNS

28 "We need to chat": AWORD

29 Hand-off recipients: Abbr.: RBS

30 Interested to a fault: NOSY

31 Gamble: BET

32 Flight sked info: ETAS

34 "Dexter" airer, briefly: SHO

36 2001 Wayans Brothers sequel, and a hint to the four other longest puzzle answers: SCARYMOVIETWO

41 Ltr. addenda: PSS

42 King played by Glenda Jackson: LEAR

43 Actress Gardner: AVA

45 Sneaky stratagem: TRAP

48 TV watcher's device: DVR

49 Long-time Delaware senator: BIDEN

51 Getting no goodies from trick-or-treating? (1978, 1990): HALLOWEENMISERY

55 Chose to take part: OPTEDIN

56 Colorado NHL club, to fans: AVS

57 66, e.g.: Abbr.: RTE

58 Possible sequel to "Despicable Me"? (2010, 2019): INSIDIOUSUS

64 1994 Olympics host: Abbr.: NOR

65 Movie segment: SCENE

66 Curbs, with "in": REINS

67 Graduating gp.: SRS

68 Concise: TERSE

69 Vedder of Pearl Jam: EDDIE


1 English lit degrees: BAS

2 Pay add-on? OLA

3 Dodgers' div.: NLW

4 Prop for a Macbeth soliloquy: DAGGER

5 Machines that may cover tracks? SHREDDERS

6 "Interesting": HMM

7 Web pioneer: AOL

8 Moisture-absorbing substances: DRIERS

9 Virile: MANLY

10 __ ice palace: Disney movie setting: ELSAS

11 Releases: LETSGO

12 Sci-fi film staples: ALIENS

13 Pine-scented, say: WOODSY

18 Manning with two Super Bowl victories: ELI

22 Wine option: PINOT

23 Montreal NHLer, to fans: HAB

24 Wool sources: EWES

25 Campus mil. group: ROTC

26 Airport transport: TRAM

27 Clear: ABSOLVE

33 TV's Burrell and Pennington: TYS

34 "Titanium" vocalist: SIA

35 Stegosaurus, for one: HERBIVORE

37 Jobs creation, in part: APPLE

38 Offscreen friend in "Ernest" films: VERN

39 Get one's feet wet: WADE

40 Finished: OVER

44 Whichever: ANY

45 Hiking hazards: THORNS

46 "Jurassic Park" enemy: RAPTOR

47 Edits, say: ALTERS

48 More concentrated: DENSER

50 Gave out: ISSUED

52 Keats, for one: ODIST

53 Show a bit of pain: WINCE

54 Month in printemps: MAI

59 They can get you a job: INS

60 Crummy grade: DEE

61 Funny Caesar: SID

62 Aussie college: UNI

63 Chicago-to-Jacksonville dir.: SSE

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