LA Times Crossword answers Monday 4 February 2019

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Los Angeles Times 4 February 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 4 February 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Gather in a pile: AMASS

6 City transport: BUS

9 Assume the role of: ACTAS

14 Dashed in the direction of: RANTO

15 Fireplace remnants: ASH

16 Baseball's home __: PLATE

17 Military decoration: MEDAL

18 China : cha :: U.S. : __: TEA

19 Resistance member: REBEL

20 Misdeed exculpation: NOHARMNOFOUL

23 Garden product word: GRO

26 Lyricist Gershwin: IRA

27 Ages and ages: EON

28 Word after photo or black: OPS

29 Done tidily and without stress: NOMUSSNOFUSS

33 Skillful: ADEPT

34 Early riser? SUN

35 Wyatt of the Old West: EARP

39 Bedouin abode: TENT

40 Takes out the sloop: SAILS

42 Classic cookie: OREO

43 Mediocre: SOSO

44 Suffix with alp: INE

45 Models for some Adam and Eve art: NUDES

46 Precisely: NOMORENOLESS

50 Texter's "I believe": IMO

53 Louis XIV, par exemple: ROI

54 Badminton partition: NET

55 Originally called: NEE

56 Exercise mantra: NOPAINNOGAIN

60 Minotaur's island: CRETE

61 Overtime cause, in sports: TIE

62 Seashore: COAST

66 Brother of Moses: AARON

67 Right-angled pipe shape: ELL

68 Came to a conclusion: ENDED

69 Slope: SLANT

70 Prefix with -lexic: DYS

71 Gives medicine to: DOSES


1 Pitcher's asset: ARM

2 West of "My Little Chickadee": MAE

3 Plus: AND

4 Ollie's partner: STAN

5 Single singer: SOLOIST

6 WWII Philippine battleground: BATAAN

7 Manipulative sort: USER

8 Causing disgrace: SHAMEFUL

9 Cooks' protective wear: APRONS

10 Sheet music symbol: CLEF

11 Forbidden: TABOO

12 Consumed eagerly: ATEUP

13 Disposes of on eBay: SELLS

21 60-min. periods: HRS

22 Subjects, usually, in grammar class: NOUNS

23 Bitty biters: GNATS

24 Show with horses and bulls: RODEO

25 Warning signs: OMENS

30 Model Kate married to Justin Verlander: UPTON

31 Willow twig: OSIER

32 South Korea's capital: SEOUL

36 Elizabeth of cosmetics: ARDEN

37 Creator of yummy "pieces": REESE

38 Entourage: POSSE

40 Do what he says or you lose: SIMON

41 Made sacred, as with oil: ANOINTED

45 Observed: NOTICED

47 "Murder on the __ Express": ORIENT

48 Marx co-author: ENGELS

49 Cultural funding org.: NEA

50 Machu Picchu builders: INCAS

51 Point of a fable: MORAL

52 Wagner work: OPERA

57 Huge amount, as of homework: ATON

58 Slick, like a garage floor: OILY

59 Forbidden thing, and what each of four long answers is? NONO

63 Spots on television: ADS

64 Understand: SEE

65 NFL scores: TDS

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